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Paper Mache Houses

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Paper Mache HousesHere’s a recycling paper mache project idea turned out really well last month. Empty Goldfish cracker boxes (used for our snack) were the starting point to make these little houses. PREP WORK: I taped a folded piece of cardboard over the top, just long enough meet each edge. This made a roof-like slope, and hid the folded tab of the package.CLASS ONE: One layer of paper mache and newspaper was applied all over the box.CLASS TWO: Another layer of paper mache and newspaper were applied.CLASS THREE: A layer of paper mache and paper towels were applied all over the box and a cut out cardboard roof. Leaving the roof to dry on the wet house made them stick together.CLASS FOUR: A background paint was applied to all.CLASS FIVE: Details were added in paint (windows, flowers, etc.)CLASS SIX: A shiny finish was added. I tried out this stuff “Collage Pauge” and liked it as I’ve found Mod Podge to sometimes leave a cloudy finish, which is a bummer after weeks of working on a project.

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