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Paper Mache Eggs

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Paper Mache Eggs I love springtime crafts that more or less imitate nature. I experimented with covering plastic fillable easter eggs with paper mache, and came up with this simple decoration.
1. I used the recipe that I posted about here, and covered a few plastic eggs with small bits of newspaper and mache. Several layers are best so that no plastic is peeking through. Let dry completely. Note: This worked well even with kinders as their small hands could really squeeze the eggs to smooth the paper.
2. Brush the eggs with one main light acrylic color and let it dry. Then use a small amount of darker paint for texture. Brush it on so that the eggs look to have 50/50 covering and let dry.
3. Rub on gold tempera paint by hand to give the eggs a little shine.
4. Use a natural looking, bumpy yarn and roll it into a small pile for the nest. This could be a really nice centerpiece for any table.

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