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By Deepakbagwari @deepakbagwari
Panch Kedar-  panch kedar temple is associated with five Hindu temple of lord Shiva. all the five temple is situated in garhwal region of uttarakhand. these five temple known as following names-


panch kedar temple

History Of Panch Kedar Temple  - Long era ago in hindu mythology, it's the time in Kurushetra war (Mahabharat-महाभारत ) between kauravas and pandavas. when kaurava's were objection to give some part of state to pandavas. the largest war of mahabharata began between kaurava's and pandava's. Pandavas killed all their  kith and kinn (kaurava) in the war. after that they felt sinner for killed own relatives. then pandavas brothers went to lord shiva for blessing or remission form sin. but lord shiva did not want to see(दर्शन) unwillingly. lord shiva ran  to hidden from  pandavas in garhwal himalaya range of uttarakhand. after that when lord shiva was running in the area of kedarnath valley, pandavas saws him to running here. immediately lord shiva changed his form in the form of buffalo and  try to diving in marsh land but pandavas caught him while shiva trying to go underground. hump of buffalo leaving behind on the surface then eventually lord Shiva remission to pandavas and  permiss him to worship his hump in the form of buffalo at here and it is strongly believed that pandavas buit kedarnath temple in just one night for worship of lord shiva in the form of hump of buffalo at kedarnath. the other part of buffalo apperars in different area of kedarnath valley. arms appear in tungnath, face apear in rudranath, navel part of body(middle) appere in madmaheshwar valley and hair (जटा) appear and worshiped at kalpeshwar temple. 

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