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Pakistan is Bleeding

Posted on the 27 February 2013 by Azharnadeem

Pakistan bleedingIn Pakistan, there is neither a democratic culture, nor an independent and active civil society, or active and free media. Free, fair and peaceful elections are far from the norm. Of course, no one can seriously believe that democracy produces all good things. Democracy does not promise to erase all or even most political and economic problems, and it has surely not done so in Pakistan. Accountability is very important in any democratic governance but in Pakistan accountability of any sort is impossible. And without accountability, government that is of, by, and for the people is merely a dream. All of the problems with our government and many in our society stem from this root problem. Judiciary is not free from the executive manipulation and its independence under the principles of checks and balances is at threat and indeed the separation of powers among the arms of the government does neither exist nor exercised. The problem is prevailing system of government that makes accountability impossible. It is hard to imagine how an unaccountable government could not cause more problems for the Pakistani people.

Pakistan is a nation where different groups of people in leadership have come to promise us heaven on earth, only to turn around to confine us to hell by impoverishing us the more. Today Pakistan is standing between the devil and the deep blue sea and suddenly, a ship appears out of the deep blue sea.  Pakistan has met disappointments at every turn of its recent political history. Life has little or no value in Pakistan. It is a normal thing to hear about deaths in different parts of Pakistan on daily basis. Where we were promised bread, we got stones and where we were promised soup, sludge was forced down our throats. Today our beloved country is bleeding and weeping and we are asking questions as to why our people must die in the hands of our own government. Pakistanis are crying and bleeding in their hearts! Their cries and groans are articulated by the inaudible sorrow of their hearts and the sadness of their faces. They are crying because of abuse of official power and the misuse of Gvernment resources. They are crying and bleeding because of the defying presence of the “unholy trinity” of Nepotism, Impunity and Corruption. Pakistanis see bribery and growing conflict of interest in public service.

We are not talking about a cruel heartless government that left millions starving or scrapping for a living when they themselves live in air conditioned villas; driving around in air-conditioned cutting-edge four wheel drives and comfortably sitting in air conditioned over-furnished offices. The country has become one of the most pro-Western and economically open in the region. Pakistan has become a ‘mafia state’, where the feared successor to the dictator, operating as a state within a state in which the spoils of corruption have reached more than Rupees 4000 billion a year. And we know this money could have done for the people of Pakistan – the schools, hospitals, roads, energy, and services it could have provided. The president has gone on the record for protecting his ministers and others in his government for their wrong doings.

Prices of essential commodities have shot up to more than 200 to 300 percent since 2008 under the present PPP-led government. With prices of all essential items going up there has been a chain effect on prices of other important commodities as well, which are not under government control. Prices of grains, vegetables, transport and meat have all gone up since the last general election. The rich are allowed the monopoly business and they end up enriching themselves. Daily three square meals are no longer an affordable option to most Pakistanis, good and reliable health care delivery is elusive. Good road networks and rural development and integration are no longer listed in the axis of government concerns. Debt ridden Pakistan is going to sell everything saleable.

Government no longer alleviates the suffering of the masses; what it does is to rape and plug them into further impoverishment. The states of hopelessness permeate the atmosphere. Pakistanis are frustrated and are at the verge of surrender to the nation’s political fate. A man who is unable to feed his family will evidently focus on survival strategy rather than paying attention to the details of government’s perversion. Politicians bankroll themselves into elective office knowing that such investment will be recovered with gains as soon as they are sworn into office. Our leaders in high places are making Pakistan a laughing stock around the globe. The King of Corruption has really caused every Pakistani ashamed. But time has come for the tide to turn. Pakistanis need to stand up to the rescue of the mother land.

Lamenting about the past will not help us but we can change the future. With all our sins, unrighteousness and shamelessness, the time has come for us to pay for our sins. Pakistan is bleeding and it needs not just a good person but a good and competent leader. I think the coming elections should present the best opportune time for the people to bring a change in the country to pay for sins. It is not simply the holding of elections.  Democracy has to be a properly balanced living organism.  Only then can the country be governed efficiently, under the rule of law, subject always to the collective will of the people. Indeed our own destiny and that of the country is in our own hands when we exercise our democratic right to choose the new leadership come the next elections. This may be our last chance to recover our nation by ourselves through democratic means.

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