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Painted Water Bottles

By Whitehaus @wecanredoit
Like lots of people, we keep filtered water in various glass containers in our fridge. Lately, I've been wanting to dress them up a little, so I decided on H2O inspired images in simple white designs.
This project is cheap, easy and gives you results are pretty and subtle.
Painted Water BottlesMaterials:
*Cleaned out glass bottles
*Oil-based paint pen
Painted Water Bottles
Step 1: Sketch out a some designs and pick your favorites.
Painted Water BottlesStep 2: If your design area is designated for a specific area or shape, use masking tape to mask off that area. Visually this can help you with placements, etc. (If your design covers the entire bottle, go ahead and skip this step.)
Painted Water Bottles
Step 3: Shake up the pen, then press the point up and down on a piece of scrap paper until the paint starts to come out at an even consistency. This ensures that your pen has an uninterrupted flow before you start drawing in the bottle.
Painted Water Bottles
Step 4: Draw your design on the bottle.
Painted Water Bottles
Step 5: Remove the tape. This is also a good time to draw on a border if you want to.
Painted Water Bottles
Step 6: Repeat the above steps on the rest of your bottles.
Painted Water Bottles
*After 24 hours, it should be safe to wash without disturbing the design, but avoid using anything abrasive or it will scratch it off.
Painted Water Bottles I'm more excited about  getting hydrated already. Cheers!
**A few notes on this project**-I had already taken the labels off of my bottle before starting this project, so no pictures for this step:(If you find you're having trouble with this, you can find my favorite removal method here.
-Etsy's How Tuesday had a great bottle tutorial awhile back using Pebeo Vitrea 160 paints. These paints are more translucent than the oil paint pens, so depending on what design you have in mind, these may be a better match. You can check the Etsy tutorial here.
-If you choose to use an oil paint pen like mine, just be aware that while this is totally safe to have on the outside of the bottles, you do NOT want to put it on the inside.
-masking tape
-oil-based paint pen
Painted Water Bottles

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