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Vintage Tie Sunglass Case

By Whitehaus @wecanredoit
It took its sweet time getting here, but summer is here, friends! After this painfully drawn out winter I think we're all deserving of a little extra basking, so of course we'll be need our sunglasses and a great case to put them in.
 I have to this easy project felt a bit like a celebration to me:
#1) Because my sunglasses from last summer somehow made it to this summer, for probably the first time ever.
#2) Because the colorful/slightly over the top results are reminiscent of something my way-too-fabulous Memaw (grandma for those of you who don't speak southern) would use back in the 80's. I think it's the gold trim. It's kind of impossible to go wrong with gold.
Vintage Tie Sunglass Case Materials:
-tie (no skinny ones)
-4 1/2"length of trim or ribbon
Vintage Tie Sunglass Case
Step 1: Lay the tie out flat (with its backside facing up) and set your sunglasses on top just beneath where the lining becomes visible.Vintage Tie Sunglass Case
Step 2: Fold the tie over so that it's completely covering the sunglasses.Vintage Tie Sunglass Case
Step 3: Cut off the extra length of tie, straight across 1" above the sunglasses.
Vintage Tie Sunglass Case
Step 4: On the end that you just cut, pull back the outer fabric about an 1 1/2",  exposing the material inside. (Snip through any stitches that prevent you from being able to do this.)
Vintage Tie Sunglass Case
 Step 5: Cut away 1" of the material inside.
Vintage Tie Sunglass Case
Step 6: Fold the outer material inward so that you have a smooth finished edge.Vintage Tie Sunglass Case
Step 7: Stich straight across.Vintage Tie Sunglass Case
Step 8: Again, fold the end of the tie toward the point. Pin down just beneath where the lining starts to show.
Vintage Tie Sunglass Case
Step 9: Now you need to run a few stitches to attach it. Start on the top right corner of the edge you stitched in step 7 and sew down about 1/2". When you've finished repeat on the left side. **It's VERY important you push away the areas not being attached, or you'll sew the pouch shut.**Vintage Tie Sunglass Case
When you've finished step 9, it will look like this:Vintage Tie Sunglass Case
Step 10: Finish by sewing the trim to the right and left sides, 2" down from the pouch's opening. Vintage Tie Sunglass Case
 //\\//\\//\\//\\//\\\///\\//\\//\\//\\//\\\ //\\//\\//\\//\\//\\\Happy summer!!//\\//\\//\\\///\\//\\//\\//\\//\\\//\\//\\//\\/\\//\\//\\//\\//\\\Vintage Tie Sunglass Case
 //\\//\\//\\//\\//\\\///\\//\\//\\//\\//\\\ //\\//\\//\\//\\//\\\///\\//\\//\\//\\//\\\ //\\//\\//\\//\\//\\\///\\//\\//\\//\\//\\\//\\//\\//\\/ //\\//\\//\\//\\\
TOOLS*scissors*double stick tape (or pins)*sewing machine (or needle and thread)Vintage Tie Sunglass Case

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