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Owen Pugh Sort Out Your Workmen’s Foul Language

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 100114857 Owen Pugh Sort Out Your Workmens Foul Language

I had just stepped out the front door when I heard the sounds of workmen.  Kaiden 3 normally loves to pass the wagons and loves watching the heavy machines at work, fixing the road.

As we walked passed,  the husband walking with Kaiden and I pushing Kody 2 in his pram on our way to nursery, we walked passed the two work men when one very loudly said;

“There is nothing fucking left in this cunt” -  referring to an empty can of something that he was shaking

I shot a look of disgust in his direction, which he took no notice of.

Not an apology for using such foul language in front of two young children was given.

I muttered my annoyance to the husband who told me to contact the firm and make a complaint. The firm Owen Pugh, must have been contracted from our local council, as they are not a local firm as such.

Now I am not one to make an issue of nothing, its cold out there and I am sure they have been working on the road most of the day. Its lunchtime and no doubt they are  fed up, hungry and were annoyed at being out of the spray they needed.

But was there any excuse for such language? Especially when they could clearly see us walking past.

Would you make a complaint?

 Owen Pugh Sort Out Your Workmens Foul Language

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