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Overview: Mascara Collection

By Dorkchops @dorkchopsworld


Hi everyone! I’ve realised that I have several mascaras open at the moment, which is something that used to never happen because I didn’t want them to dry out but I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to go through each one and show before and after pictures so you can see the differences between them! =) I have 5 opened up at the moment and I will be going through each one, showing you how each one works and explaining how they wear on my eyelashes. My lashes naturally are quite long but they point downwards and a factor that I look into on my search for the perfect mascara is that it has to be able to hold the curl throughout the entire day. Because I haven’t been wearing eyeliner everyday, I’ve been going for mascaras that lengthen my lashes and if they do hold the curl, my eyes just look so much bigger, brighter and more awake.

None of these are listed in any particular order. I am going through each one randomly! =)

L ‘ O r e a l  P a r i s  V o l u m i n o u s  C a r b o n  B l a c k


This mascara is quite popular, I used to hear about it all the time on YouTube back in the day. Unfortunately, I believe it’s no longer sold in retail stores (at least here in Australia?) so you can only purchase it online and through other means now. =( I will review it anyway so that if you do have a chance to pick the mascara up, you can decide whether or not you want to. The claims of this mascara are that it “builds and thickens voluptuous lashes while conditioning them, so they remain supple and healthy” and has “an exceptionally plush brush designed to glide on just the right amount of mascara without clumping or flaking“.


This mascara provides fantastic volume and sufficient length. It’s an allrounder great mascara that I think everyone would have a great time using. If you get a chance to pick this one up, I definitely recommend it.

L ‘ O r e a l  P a r i s  M e g a  V o l u m e  M i s s  M a n g a


I’ve done a complete review on this mascara already, if you want to see you can click here. I also write about the turquoise shade in the range in that post! But for the purpose of this post, I will still do my brief summary of this mascara just so everything will be in one place! If you wish to read the claims of the mascara, please visit my previous post. =)


This mascara does a great job at lengthening my lower lashes but it does an ok job with my upper lashes. I feel that it provides more length than it does volume. It also tends to get a bit clumpy when more than one coat is applied. I would recommend this mascara if you’re looking to try out some coloured mascaras because they have a few fun, bright colours in the collection.

M o d e l C o  F a t  L a s h  V o l u m i s i n g  B l a c k


When I signed up for Bellabox, this was a mascara that was sent to me as part of the package and I was really intimidated when I saw the brush. It’s unbelievably massive! The claims of this mascara are that it is “volumising and lengthening“, “has a smudge proof formula that won’t dry or flake“, “is creamy and buildable for extra volume“, “has a silicone brush that helps separate, lift and define the lashes” and a “bomber shaped brush that reaches every lash“.


I adore this mascara because it hold the curl of my lashes really well. It also just does a fantastic job at both lengthening and providing volume to my upper and lower lashes. The only issue is that it’s really easy to accidentally smudge some of the mascara onto your skin because the brush is really big. If you have shorter lashes that are difficult to reach, this mascara would not be a great choice for you.

M a y b e l l i n e  V o l u m ‘  E x p r e s s  M e g a  P l u s h


This mascara is the first gel-mousse formulation by Maybelline and its claims are that it “contains 40% less hard waxes for massive yet soft lashes“, has a “patented flexor brush that gently coats every lash with supple volume” and “leaves lashes never brittle or flaky“. Therefore, as the name suggests, it’s not meant to give lashes that leave a hard or ‘crusty’ feeling but keeps them feeling soft!


I do like this mascara because it does what it claims to do! It gives me naturally lengthened lashes and really does make them look like I’m not wearing much makeup because my lashes look soft, not caked on with layers of mascara. If you’re looking for a false lash effect then this mascara would not be a great choice for that purpose.

M a y b e l l i n e  V o l u m ‘  E x p r e s s  T h e  F a l s i e s  W a s h a b l e


I was really excited to try this mascara out when I first purchased it because I’m always searching for the perfect mascara that will give me the look of false lashes. Maybelline describes the mascara as having a “patented spoon brush that fans out lashes from corner-to-corner“, “instantly builds volume without clumping with a pro-keratin formula” and has a “unique flexible wand that helps to lift and separate lashes to provide the look of 300% more visible, fuller lashes with no gaps from any angle“.


I had the highest expectations for this mascara after reading the name of it but to be honest, it’s just an average mascara. I do like it though because it’s great for when I’m looking to achieve naturally enhanced lashes but it does not give a false lash effect on me. Therefore, if you’re hoping that this mascara will give you the appearance of amplified false lashes, it might not work out for you like it did with me!

Let me know which mascara you think looks best on me and also give me some recommendations on some new mascaras I should be on the lookout for! I hope you enjoyed this post! ♡

Overview: Mascara Collection

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