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Beginner Makeup Series: Brows

By Dorkchops @dorkchopsworld

BeginnerMakeupSeriesHeaderPart 2 | B R O W S

Everyone has been obsessed with having brows that are on fleek and it has been all the rave, we see it being talked about everywhere! Today I’m going to share some tips on how to achieve great looking brows and I hope they will help you out if you needed some advice on where to get started. =)


♡ For those of you who have dark hair, choose a shade that is two to three times lighter and for those of you who have lighter hair, choose a shade two to three times darker!

♡ Always choose a matte shade for a natural everyday look, especially if you decide to use an eyeshadow as a brow color.


♡ Pencil – Using a pencil can be a little tricky because it’s easy to press on it too hard and end up with dark, harsh or unnatural eyebrows. It is better for a brow pencil to not be too soft because it means that you have better precision in drawing in very fine lines that mimic the appearance of an actual brow hair.

♡ Powder – In my opinion, using a powder is the most safe and the easiest form to work with because it looks very natural and it is easy to clean up or soften down. Even a matte eyeshadow could work perfectly as a brow powder!

♡ Pomade – After Anastasia Beverly Hills released their brow pomade, it has become the most popular choice of brow product to use. I personally have not used one of this form before but by generalising all the thoughts and opinions I have heard or been told of, it is convenient and fast to use! However, it is also important to be light handed so that your brows look natural.

♡ Gel – I love using tinted brow gels because they pull the entire look together and hold all your work down in place. Those that contain fibres are great to use on their own and make it effortless to have perfect brows when you’re in a rush for time. Otherwise, clear brow gels are still a great investment because they make your brows last all day and also prevents them from moving around.


♡ Angled brush – An angled brush is the easiest to work with in combination with a brow powder. It just makes it so fast to fill in any sparse areas and it is also perfect for getting the perfect arch. I like to use the Sigma brush from the kit!

♡ Spoolie brush – A spoolie is great for brushing your brow hairs in place. I like to use one before and after doing my brows so that I know that there are no hairs that are out of place or not in the right direction.

♡ Tweezers – I rely so much on my tweezers to remove any stray hairs that grow and to make my brows a lot more neat and tidy. It is a necessity to quickly groom your brows at home in under a minute without having to go to a salon or specialist to get them done for you!

I hope you guys enjoyed this part of the series and learnt a thing or two! The next one will be on EYESHADOW.

Beginner Makeup Series: Brows
Beginner Makeup Series: Brows
Beginner Makeup Series: Brows

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