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Overdose Triggered By My Tormentor The Person I Call Mum

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10084481 300x19812 Overdose Triggered By My Tormentor The Person I Call Mum

I took an overdose again on Saturday, this was once again triggered by my tormentor the person I call Mum. I should never have answered the phone to her or played the voice mail she left.

She asked why I couldn’t be there for her as ‘I am her best friend’ ,that’s the problem I don’t see it like that. She causes me to question my own sanity stating that she is an excellent mother and not an alcoholic. In one breath apologises for the beatings I received from her as a child and the next claims that it didn’t happen. My childhood is hazy to say the least. Family and friends assure me she has an alcohol problem. My brother as a witness assures me that the beatings happened. So why do I allow her to make me doubt myself and reality.

The only way to describe our current relationship is ‘Jenga’ she builds me up then knocks me down until I can barely stand. I am aware that this happens yet I still allow her to do it as I constantly seek her approval even now in my early 30′s. She tells me I am her rock then that I don’t love her the way I should. How I am a good mother yet my children are misbehaved and ill mannered. I could go on forever with examples.

But then it feels like I am blaming for the darkness that is in my mind which I have caused myself! The guilt I feel for feeling this way about my own mother, the one who brought me into this world.

How ungrateful I sound. What is wrong with me how can I love yet despise her at the same time with such ferocity that it causes me to question my very sanity and existence? I ask myself what is reality and what is not, nothing makes sense anymore.


This inspirational post was written anonymously by a mom who is a member of my Facebook mums group. I have full permission to share her story. If you can relate to this post and would like to share your own anonymous post please contact me.

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