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Overcoming the Odds | IVF Success Stories

By Momatlast @momatlast

By Diana Farrell

. Here are a few IVF success stories about people who had extremely low chances of getting pregnant but who managed to have children of their own anyway. Don’t give up; it can be done!


Beating Unbeatable Odds

Amber didn’t start trying to get pregnant until she was forty. Even though her financial situation was alright at best and she hadn’t exactly found Mr. Right, she knew that if she didn’t start trying to get pregnant, it might never happen. Instead of waiting for everything to be perfect, she just decided to go for it.

When she got herself checked out at the fertility clinic, her ovaries turned out to be very small, and she only had one antral follicle. Basically, Amber was on the verge of menopause, and it was impossible to tell when she’d stop ovulating entirely. Amber knew that her chances of actually getting pregnant were very, very low, but she decided to try IVF, anyway.

Although she wanted to get a move on, she decided to try everything she could to up her odds of IVF success, so she decided to take DHEA supplements, which is often a good idea for women with diminished ovarian reserve. Amber also decided to try three weeks of regular acupuncture therapy. She was a little doubtful that it would help, but she gave it a shot just in case.

During her first cycle of IVF, Amber thought that she was beginning to show many of the signs of menopause, including a reduced sex drive and a flat-lined basal body temperature when she checked each morning. Instead of giving up, though, she just kept going. After the first round, she took several pregnancy tests, not knowing whether her late period was because of a pregnancy or because she had already stopped menstruating.

One test finally came back positive, and when Amber finally got to have an ultrasound, she was terrified that it wouldn’t show anything. It did, though. Amber’s doctor heard not one but two heartbeats, and both of the embryos looked healthy and strong. Several months later, Amber had her twins – a boy and a girl – against all odds. Instead of giving up or waiting for a perfect situation to try to have babies, Amber had decided to do what she could to beat the odds, and it worked for her.

Cervical Issues

Jen was dealing with unexplained infertility, but IVF treatment had been really tough for her because her cervix was stiff and poorly positioned. In her first round of IVF, the eggs, the doctor thinks, actually died mid-transfer because it took so long to get them into the uterus. Desperate for a method that would help her get pregnant, Jen consulted with a massage therapist about myofascial release therapy.

She decided to hold off on her next round of IVF – this time with frozen embryos – until she had been through the twenty hours of therapy her massage therapist recommended. After the twenty hours of therapy, she scheduled another round of IVF. Her doctor was so surprised at how easy the transfer ended up being because her cervix had been loosened up so well. The second round of IVF did the trick, and Jen had a baby boy nine months later. Since that round was so easy and successful, she’s thinking about trying one more time so her son can have a sibling.

About the Author

Diana Farrell is the author of the trademarked Full Embrace series of books on overcoming infertility. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology through the University of San Francisco, as well as advanced training in a number of alternative therapies. Through her own journey overcoming infertility she uncovered a wealth of valuable information that can significantly increase a couple’s chances of pregnancy through IVF. She now enjoys sharing that information with others to help them fulfill their dream of parenthood. If you would like to read additional inspiring IVF success stories visit for more, as well as lots of tips to help you have a successful IVF.

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