Ovarian Cyst Surgery India

Posted on the 01 November 2013 by Anan Adisa
An ovarian cyst is an accumulation of fluid within an ovary that is surrounded by a very thin wall. Any ovarian follicle that is larger than approximately two centimeters is an ovarian cyst. Ovarian cysts can range widely in size; from being as small as a pea to larger than an orange - in rare cases ovarian cysts can become so large that the woman looks pregnant. 
The majority of ovarian cysts are benign (harmless). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA, most premenopausal women and up to 14.8% of postmenopausal women are found to have ovarian cysts. 

There are two main types of ovarian cysts:
  • Functional ovarian cysts 
  • Pathological cysts

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