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Outdoor Lighting

By Homesmsp @HomesMSP

If you're selling and you've got the inside of your home all ready to go, you might consider what your outside lighting situation is.  Buyers do look at homes at night, so the lighting of your home is a very important piece of selling. 



Lighting professionals say that good exterior home lighting can add to the perceived value of a home.  And perception can add up to real money.  Here's what they say:

  • Columns of light on either side of a front door create a strong focal point and draw attention to your entryway. Lighting designer: Randall Whitehead
  • Adjusting the light surrounding your door by reducing the wattage or using a dimmer can make a home appear more welcoming:  Randall Whitehead
  • Placing lights around your yard and under trees and shrubs creates visual texture and dimension. Paul Gosselin, president of NightScenes Corp.
  • Try to place lights close to your home and have them glance off the façade instead of hitting it straight on. Tom Kretzschmar, Illuminations Lighting Design
  • Textured or frosted glass helps hide the light bulb and lets the light visually fill the volume of the lantern. Lighting designer: Randall Whitehead
  • Don’t go overboard, the pros say. Aim for eight to 10 lights.  Lighting designer: Randall Whitehead

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