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Our Lips Are Sealed – 4 Secrets to Finding Your Perfect Lip Color

By Mahnoor Malik @MahnoorMalik90

Selecting a great lip color can often be a more complex proposition that you might at first suspect. Even the most gorgeous hues can often be less than amazing once you get them home and try them on. This guide will offer some tips to help you determine which colors will look best before you buy.

A Harmonious Tone

Chances are, you know that certain colors look better on you than others. This has a great deal to do with your particular skin tonality. As a simple guide, think of these guidelines in terms of season:

• Winter—you will look best in cool, bright shades, such as gem tones

• Spring—soft pastels are the order of the day for you.

• Summer—soft, cool shades work best for you. Think watermelon pink and rosy blue-red.

• Autumn—the season of harvest, choose colors that verge on brick reds with more yellow than blue.

Hair Color

If you’ve elected to change your hair color from its natural shade, you may find your options for lip color have shifted, too. Hair and eye color actually impact how well shades work for you almost as much as skin tone, so consider carefully if you’ve made the change recently.


You can actually use your wardrobe to help stretch your lip color options. Just as with other factors, your clothing palette will actually play off your lip pigment color. It can also work against you, so be mindful of why you’re buying the pigment. For example, if you plan to wear a sapphire blue dress, do not select a shade of lipstick that has a warm tone.

Time of Year

Because many people spend more time indoors during the cooler months of the year, they often lose the color achieved during the spring and summer. This can impact how great a color compliments your natural beauty. Depending on your basic skin tone, you’ll want to select shades of lipstick that plays up the brightness of your eyes and compliments yours. For example, if a true red suit you best in the summer, select a shade in the same family, which tones with your winter wardrobe palette and complexion. If you wear warm toned reds or pastel pinks during the summer, choose deeper, more intense winter tones. If you plan on wearing dark tones, be careful of smearing on your teeth. The professionals from Magnum Dental say an easy trick for keeping lipstick off your teeth is to only apply to the outer part of your lips—don’t go too deep.

With the millions of brands and color options out there, it can be tough to determine what will look best on you. If you need extra help to determine with color families work best for you, visit a cosmetics counter or specialty shop. Sample swabs are provided with tester products and you can seek the advice of makeup specialists at the counter to get some extra help. Wear a neutrally colored shirt and experiment with various colors.

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Our Lips are Sealed – 4 Secrets to Finding Your Perfect Lip Color

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