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Our Latest Masterpieces!

By Bakerquigs @bakerquigs
Hello again, cake lovers
Now that you saw that awesome Ferrari, I thought I share some of the other projects we have been working on.
The first is a four tier wedding cake, yes I said four, and it is a sight to behold. Just check out the pictures below and I don’t think I need to go into much detail about how much time and care our team put into this cake making sure it was awesome.
Our Latest Masterpieces!
Tying a bow very firm, but gently as well not to ruin the cake.Our Latest Masterpieces!
First tier done, lets move on to the second!
Our Latest Masterpieces!Lets take a moment and check out how cool that is. The detail around the pilllar, that is pretty cool.

Our team works hard to make sure that the cake will get to the wedding without a scratch.
 Our Latest Masterpieces!
Now here it is, all four ties stacked on top of one another. I didn’t personally get to stand by but that cake looks awful big. I am the wedding guests were quite pleased to see that there was plenty of delicious wedding cake to go around.
Our Latest Masterpieces!Our Latest Masterpieces!
Happy day to the lucky couple and we can only hope them the best in the future.
Here we have a little quaint cake, although it is for a child, the design of the shoes and the cross, I got to say, looks pretty awesome. The pictures below show our team making sure that every detail is just right.
Our Latest Masterpieces!Our Latest Masterpieces!
You have to love the detail on the cake, the cute little shoes, the very awesome cross. Gabriella is going to love this cake.
Our Latest Masterpieces!
 I am proud to work at a company where we get to bring joy into people lives and their stomach everyday.
  Here is a cake with two very clever figurines on top of cake.
Here we have the professor and his very impressive graph. Money is increases as time increases. Sounds good to me.Our Latest Masterpieces!Our Latest Masterpieces!
 Well don't lose you head yet, this is cake is almost done.
Our Latest Masterpieces!
Our Latest Masterpieces!
Here we have two pals just chilling out in the kitchen. They must be having interesting talk since they both have smiles on their face.
Our Latest Masterpieces!
Here is a close up of the two friends in front of the graph.
Our Latest Masterpieces!Our Latest Masterpieces!Our Latest Masterpieces!On the left we have the cake just about done.
On the right, the cake is done and good to go. Happy Retirement!Our Latest Masterpieces!
Now here we have a top end cake. This cake from the city of the lights back in the USA. None other than New York City. In that city, a famous telvision show was based in. This is none other than Sex and the City.
Our Latest Masterpieces!
Here it is with a very nice red stiletto and a very nice handbag.This cake looks awesome and I hope our customers enjoyed it.Our Latest Masterpieces!
Our Latest Masterpieces!
Now this cake was a perfectly white cake, but they our team took a paintball gun and decided to make a few splatters of paint on it. Just kidding there was no violence in making this cake. I hope Theo enjoy his cake.
Well till next time cake lovers, stay up to date on the lastest masterpiece that will come out of the Family Cake Company. I am off to enjoy this wonderful weekend, I hope you do as well.

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