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Our Fine Canadian Justice System - A Very Long Post

By Tampster1 @tampster1
please. I have no other choice but to go through this channel. I need a canadian legal malpractice lawyer, also dealing in family law Ive been told by other lawyers I have a case.. please, this has ruined my kids lives*** update my former lawyer has now been formally through the Law Society. Ive been told it is going to take 10's of thousands of dollars to try and repair what has been done and we dont have that kind of money and ive been told i cant fight one without fighting them all. I am willing to give this person everything they can get. I dont want anything! PLEASE. 5 years of constant mistakes, and now I dont even know where to turn or even where to start.. please i need some closure! My family needs some closure!
This all started 6 years ago. When I left my ex, he made me sign a legal seperation agreement stating that if i sign over the house and all assets that I could retain 60% custody of our kids, equal parenting rights across the board. I have never wanted anything from him and Ive always been a very self sufficient individual. Ive been on my own since the age of 14.  When I left the putz, I replaced everything I needed and had a nanny for my kids for the weeks that they were in my care while I was working, my children were never neglected. We were still doing things like trick or treating, family dinners in and out of our family home.
Well on November 11 I was booked in for surgery and while in recovery I lent my van to my girlfriend. (we had lived together before and she had lent me her vehicle on numerous occasions so it wasnt a big deal to recipricate, it saved her 2 hours on the bus and she lived down the block.) Well sometime in the middle of the night her daughter and 2 friends aged 13 and 14 decided it would be a good idea to steal my van. So they broke into 4 vehicles on the way to my van, they drove it across country, doing a hit and run along the way and when they were finally found in Ontario, they were given a greyhound bus ticket and sent home.  In addition when they returned not only were they not charged but one of the kids gave the cops such a sob story about being afraid of getting beat that he was released into the care of this oh so caring parent that ended up having a threesome with this minor and her daughter and she went around bragging to this fact. Last time I checked that was rape.
Well things started falling apart, I was working out of town and ended up loosing my job which snowballed into a whole load of crap.
So a few month go by and everything is going good and putz asked me to take the kids for a week while he went to vegas in March, upon his return on Saturday I was served with papers to appear in the court of queens bench on Tues. ** have you ever tried to find a lawyer in that time frame, so I followed the advice of the court peon and agreed to sign day to day care over until the time we went to mediation. I came to find out later that he had been planning this since January and going through the court of queens bench is the only way to fast track this sort of thing. This is known as trial by ambush. I was actually under the impression for years that our judicial system was supose to be based on actual evidence. Oh how wrong was I. It is all about the size of your wallet and wether or not your judge gets a blow job before entering a court room. Oh and one of the kids isnt even biologically his but because of not being able to speak and ppl making assumptions kidnapping is legal too.
I made the mistake of  calling the police when my ex Booked a prebooked trip across the US border and wanted me to sign papers allowing access, this is after my ex blocking my access, working with my sister to block not only my access but the access of any family that may have contact with me, and threatening me, and not allowing our kids to come to their sibling ultrasound oh and did i forget to mention he did this on Mothers day when I was 20 weeks pregnant, on bedrest and in the anti-natal program . Yes I do have recorded conversations to this FACT. I found out from the our finest police service that a judge signed court orders are nothing more than Toilet Paper. (I bet you didn't know that)
So I went to legal aid and this is where the nightmare goes from bad to worse. I dont know how asking for help to get an Enforcement order put on my judge signed existing parenting order can lead to this.
My former lawyer is also the same lawyer working on the Medicine Hat triple murder case at the same time. And in the 3 years he was working for me she got all of his best work and I got all of his errors. My former lawyer also couldn't get dates right, failed to communicate on numerous occasions, lost my file and sent out numerous papers with missing information or dates also because he lost my file for over 7 months his actions caused the pre-mature of my 3rd and 4th child and the death of my 5th. Do you know what it is like to go through 3 years of empty promises of ìll get this done to finally getting a court date after 3 years just to walk in and have him tell you ``oops i knew i was forgetting something.. the other party has postponed and i forgot to call you.` 3 weeks before we were to get married. I have witnesses to this FACT.  To my former lawyer filing a claim against our property - or I thought it was our property until months later when some strangerrs lawyer got a hold of my lawyer and asked why I had a lein against their property.  Not only did he mess up the original filing but it took him an additional 2 times to get the file right at the court. In the meantime my ex was able to take out refinancing on our home to purchase a new home and is now able to use our property as a rental property.
 So after  filing a complaint with legal aide and after getting a puff apology from legal aide. They offered to write off all monies owing for services and that he was willing to continue on with my case. He does admit to all allegations so WTF? What my former lawyer neglected to say that is after he messed up on filing papers for the house he just didnt bother submitting billing anymore after those mistakes but continued to work on my case for over a year. Also there wasnt any outstanding monies owing on my case - i checked! I also have invoices and receipts to this Fact.
I went to the Law Society - which is supose to be the governing agency of lawyers and they lost my file twice now. Also because of the law society sending my information to the malpractice adjusters no one will Help me.  **update the law society have lost my file now a total of 3 times over 3 years through 2 departments.  Oh I should add the letter I received from the adjusters was received on Friday at 11am and my statute of limitations ran out the very next day. "things that make you go hmmm"
So I took it upon myself to at least try and deal with the custody order issue because it has now been over 4 years that I havent been able to see my older 2 children. And my younger 2 children havent met their siblings.
In the past year ive been bullied by the court mediator (because i dont have a lawyer anymore, and noone has been literate enough to read my file) into attending meetings with a psychologist that has been holding meetings council with my ex for the past 3 years. Oh and for the past 3 years this is the ONLY quack that they would accept. This quack that is trusted by the courts and not only did she cause me harm great bodily harm but she tried to KILL my kids. (she runs her practice out of her home and keeps animals, which all parties involved are severly allergic to and she never notified any parties had a total disregard for this fact and wanted to continue with sessions after causing an asthma attack and being told it could kill my kids if they entered in to her environment. She proceeded to tell me to "mind my own business, she would run her pratice as she saw fit."
So I finally got into the court room with the all my evidence and the conversations below as instructed by the legal council and not only did my judge admit that she hasn't read my case ( and why should they it is about a mile thick and no one has read it, so why start now? That would take to much work!) But once I started speaking, putz's lawyer asked for the case to be heard in special chambers. If your not familiar with this term it is because they are scared little wimps and are afraid of their dirty laundry aired in public. Also because it took longer than an year from the last time we were in mediation that is now a requirement again before getting in a court room. See previous experiences with mediation.
BTW this is not the first time my ex has placed my kids in a dangerous situation, neglected their health and welfare, lost them, forgot them... I do have conversations between us to this FACT!
So lets go onto the next quack I agreed to see. Not only did he go against the judges words by bringing in other professionals behind my back, on putzs word but when he returned my call while "working from home" he called from a relative of my ex's law firm. Things that make you go hmmm.. In addition we were both required to submit evidence, and I was the only party to do so and orf course until putz does nothing is being looked at. And I have now been told that because this has gone on so long I may not be able to ever see my kids. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! I have done everything in my power, I have bent over backwards to do everything i have been asked to do and MORE. Really.... What kind of system is this?
So before you put your faith in our fine justice system remember this. Tthey have taught me that trial by ambush, contempt of court, purgery, failure to exercise time, kidnapping, repeated child endangerment and neglect, attempted murder and being an all-around general incompetent is completely acceptable as well as basic literacy skills and competency are an option when applying for Any position within our judicial system. And not only has my ex been able to put me through hell for that past 11 years but he has been enabled to abuse my younger 2 kids from my marriage. The only times I get paperwork or he is available for meetings is on my kids birthdays.  
**update - just another blow to the guts. I find out this morning that not only was my lawyer the same lawyer working on the triple murderer case in Medicine Hat. But in the time that he was handeling my case she was tried.. convicted and out on day passes.. Now this morning it was announced that she is attending the U of C. How nice is that!!! And I still havent seen my kids!!!
Hi Medina, Hope you had a wonderful holiday.
I have had the opportunity to speak to my legal counsel and have been informed of the following.
1. I am entitled to see Mr. Woods receipt of service for his session with Dr. Steinhauer, and was entitled to this information with-in 7 business days of the request. It can now be considered a matter of non-compliance.
2. I would also like a note from the Maddison's and Parker's family doctor stating that they have not required any follow-up for their asthma and allergies since November 2005 - as that was the last time to the best of my knowledge that Maddison was hospitalized for treatment. Both kids suffer from both asthma and allergies, Maddison since birth and Parker since he was 6 months old.
Because of negligence on Dr Steinhauer's part, she placed all parties involved health and welfare in jeopardy. At no time did your office or Dr. Steinhauer notify me that she kept animals in her home. If this information would have been disclosed that last 3.5 years could have been avoided. She was however notified on Oct 4th during our initial visit and my suffering of the first asthma attack in 15 years that she had to let Darren know that continuing with her would be compromising not only his health but the the health of both of the children.
So if you client wants to write a statement to the fact that he attended a session ( still would like a copy of the receipt) and had another one booked he can also include in there why he felt in necessary to compromise the health of the children.
Thank you for attention in this matter.
Tammy Morrison
ps. If you could send contact information for the aforementioned Dr's. that would be great. I have no problem finding another doctor but because of recent events, I feel I have to do my own research on any recommendations made.
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