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Oslob, Cebu : Whale Shark Watching

By Synzmemoir @synzmemoir
Whale Sharks have been recently reported to be roaming around in the coastline of Oslob, Cebu. Words spread quickly. It awakens the interest of the tourist, and the people of Cebu. How many of you wanted to take shark pictures? 
Oslob, Cebu : Whale Shark Watching According to Wikipedia: The whale shark inhabits all tropical and warm-temperate seas. They are known to migrate every spring to the continental shelf of the central west coast of Australia. Despite its size, the whale shark does not pose significant danger to humans. Although massive, whale sharks are docile fish and sometimes allow swimmers to catch a ride. Whale sharks are actually quite gentle and can play with divers. Divers and snorkellers can swim with this giant fish without risk.
Oslob, Cebu : Whale Shark Watching How many of you have been writing 'Swim with Whale Sharks' on your bucket list? I for one have also written it on my bucket list. So when I learned about these gentle giants roaming the cost of Cebu, I researched information on how to get there (Mustacio was a big help. ^_^). I was excited. Finally, I don't need to go to Dansoi just to have a closer look of these friendly creatures. 
Oslob, Cebu : Whale Shark Watching As we jump on our boats and our boatman starts to puddle, my excitement grew. Not to mention I was in my hangover state at that moment. 
Oslob, Cebu : Whale Shark Watching At the sight of the Whale Shark, our oarsman get us nearer. Knowing the distance you should be with the Whale Shark, we keep telling our boatman to stay a little away from it. Just as to keep the outrigger from harming them. We don't want to put more stress on this gentle creature. 
Oslob, Cebu : Whale Shark Watching When the Whale Shark stay in place, we eagerly jumped in the water to swim with them. We did our part, and keep our distance from them. It was really great. But, I didn't stay long in the water. The waves was too strong and my hangover is not helping me at all. So I went back to the boat and just observe from there. That's when I notice a few plastic bags floating around the area. A little later, I catch a whale shark about to suck one of the plastic bag. I told the boatman near it to grab the plastic, but it was too late. The whale shark already suck it. I started to worry by then. But then a second later, he managed to spit it out. Lucky for him! What will have happened if that whale shark really suck that plastic in? Can you imagine? 
Oslob, Cebu : Whale Shark Watching This is what most people missed to see underwater. Do you think this will be a great environment for our gentle friend? I don't think so. 
We talked about our experiences with our friends when we get to the shore. A friend of mine happens to catch one of the boatman (the one feeding the whale shark) throwing plastic in the sea. Now I realize where all that plastic bags came from. I'm not saying this to discourage everyone from going. This is just to let you know what we observe out there. If you go there, please just do your part. Okay? ^_^
Oslob, Cebu : Whale Shark Watching Anyway it was a great experience. And we all had a lot of fun. 
I know a lot of you will be going there, if not tomorrow, I'm pretty sure soon. Just a few reminder for future watchers. 
*Please! please! please keep your distance.
* DON'T TOUCH the whale sharks
* NO Flash Photography.
* Please take your time to read THIS.
How to get there:  * Buses : There are Ceres or Sunrays Bus via Oslob in South Bus Terminal located near Elizabeth Mall. It takes 2.5 - 3 hours trip going to Brgy. Tan-awan Oslob. If you don't know where to stop, just ask the bus conductor to drop you off the Tan-awan Barangay Hall.       Fares:           *Regular Buses - P149          *Airconditioned Buses - P154 Oslob, Cebu : Whale Shark Watching * Private Cars: Just go directly bound to south of Cebu. When you know you're already in Oslob, look for a big signage with a whale shark picture in it. That will be at your left side when your facing south. 
Where to stay:  Marilyn’s Resort
 Room Rates: (non-air conditioned)
Standard - Php 900.00 (good for 2 persons)
Double – Php 1, 100.00 (good for 5 persons)
Family – Php 1, 600.00 (good for 8 persons)
Entrance Fee – Php 50.00
Cottage – Php 400.00 (exclusive)
Table – Php 350.00
Life Vest – Php 20.00
Snorkel – Php 100.00 (Complete Set)
Mila’s Inn
Located at Looc Oslob Cebu, 15 minutes away from Tan-awan.Room Rates: (air conditioned)
Php 1, 300 – without CR inside (additional Php 150/head for extra person)
Php 1, 600 – with CR inside (additional Php 150/head for extra person)

Masters Resort Cebu 

General - Restaurant, Pet Friendly, Bar / Lounge, Air Conditioned, Refrigerator, Kitchenette, Microwave, Hair Dryer, Complimentary Toiletries, Shower, Bathtub/Shower Combination, Poolside Bar
Activities - Swimming pool, Private beach, Scuba Diving, Water Activities, Child Pool, Pool Outdoor
Services - Multilingual Staff, Laundry service, Cell phone/mobile rental
Parking – Free Parking
Room Rates:
Double - Php 1000.00 (good for 2 person – additional is Php 500.00/head)
Estimated expenses:        * P300 – Entrance Fee (inclusive boat riding)
      * P100 – additional for tourists bringing video camera
      * P20 – Life Vest       * P100 - Snorkel (complete set)       * Bus fares:           -Regular Buses - P149          -Airconditioned Buses - P154

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