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Posted on the 08 May 2014 by Geekasms @geekasms

Original Sin.  Everybody has one.  That’s the tagline that Marvel has been promoting for quite some time now.  With their latest summer event kicking off we are launched headfirst into a cosmic whodunnit for the ages.  Uatu the Watcher has been killed and all the secrets that he has gathered might be out in the open.  Uh oh.

The book opens with a charming scene between Captain America, Wolverine, Black Widow and Nick Fury.  It’s a nice scene that reminds you that these people are more than just heroes, but friends.  It is interrupted by a call from Thor notifying them of the death of Uatu.  A quick trip in Fury’s cool ride and they are standing on the moon, looking at the lifeless body of the Watcher. 

The spash page of that scene.  Wow.  Deodato is on fire in this first issue.  They showed this page in the preview pages, but it didn’t have the same impact as it does in the finished issue.  Uatu isn’t just dead, but his eyes are missing, which is something else that has been shown during preview pages, but it is disturbing to see it. 

The rest of the book deals with the inevitable joining of forces as Fury heads the investigation and pulls together the heroes that he thinks are best suited for what he needs.  It’s an interesting group which I will let you enjoy as you read the book, but you will see pairings that I bet you have never seen before. 

Aaron does a masterful job of setting up the mystery.  We are left wondering who could have done this, what did they get and why did they take the Watchers eyes?  I am happy to see Fury back in action even though he is more Detective Fury than anything else in this issue, which I am just fine with.

In my review of issue #0 I mentioned that I was tiring of the big event books.  They were no longer special.  With Original Sin, Marvel has found a way to make it interesting again.  By using a character like the Watcher, Marvel has opened the doors to change the lives and history of many of its characters.  As secrets spill out, some characters histories look like they could be completely rewritten.  I’m certainly interested in seeing the story play out and hope that the resolution is as satisfying as the mystery itself.

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