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Organize Makeup in Your Bathroom with These 5 Tricks

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

If you’re like many makeup aficionado’s, you can never have one too many brushes. Keeping your collection in order can prove to be an on-going process that never seems to be complete. It’s always wise to seek out alternatives to leaving unsightly clutter on your bathroom countertop. That jam packed drawer has got do go ladies!

Giving your precious cosmetic collection a new home means that you have to make sure that there is no cramming that could potential break, snap, or otherwise damage your makeup. This is a common dilemma that we face but you can try these 5 Tricks that will help organize makeup in your bathroom.

1. Magnetic Makeup Board

This is a neat way to organize your makeup that will blend your collection into the rooms decor. You can make one yourself with just a sheet of metal, a picture frame, small magnets to place on the back of your cosmetic accessories, and some glue. You can also add an artistic touch with a couple of small changes to personalize your makeup board. A fun and easy DIY magnetic makeup board that you can show all of your girlfriends!

Magnetic Makeup Board from Moda Agora

2. Organize Drawers with these Inserts

Instead of piling up cosmetics and beauty products in your drawers, make a small investment in these simple inserts that will make your life that much easier. When we say small, we mean less than $10! Cramming your makeup in awkward positions is a great way to break brushes and damage other items. Why not protect your collection with a few inexpensive inserts? You can find these at common storage retailers like The Container Store.

Makeup Drawer Inserts

3. Storage Cabinet

Adding an extra storage cabinet will help by taking advantage of vertical space in your bathroom. When you step back and observe a room, it’s obvious to note the heavy use of floor-space. By adding hanging wall cabinets, you can maximize valuable real estate in your master bathroom with supplemental storage units. These cabinets can also come in handy for other common bathroom items and beauty products. You can get some ideas by clicking here.

Centra Bathroom Wall Cabinet

4. Install a Spice Rack

There are many different styles, shapes, and arrangements that spice racks come in. Choosing one to fit your collection is entirely up to you. This decision depends on the dimensions of your cosmetic collection. Adding a spice rack is also a nifty idea because they are widely available so you won’t have to purchase a special “makeup” rack that may cost much more. Similar to adding extra storage cabinets, a spice rack utilizes wall space to save valuable drawer and countertop space! If you’re feeling a little gutsy, you can add two rows of makeup racks on top of one another to craft even more room and create uniformity in your bathroom layout!

Organize your bathroom by adding a spice rack!

5. Tabletop Spinning Organizer

This is a cool and amazing product that was fashioned by Lori Greiner to help you organize makeup in your bathroom. The spinning feature adds a new level of versatility to your makeup that you will love! This unique product has a special place for all of your cosmetic accessories. Not only that, it’s compact and lightweight so you can take it with you anywhere!

Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer by Lori Greiner

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