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By Maddy1704 @unstitchedd
You know when you find a brand that works so well that you just want to sing it from the roof tops? Well, over dramatic as that sounds, it's happened to me and so I've come running to you as I knew that you fellow beauty-addicts would probably appreciate the heads-up. For a bit of background information, after going shorter I loved the volume that it gave my hair but since it has grown longer I have had trouble keeping this up. I struggle a lot with frizz and keeping it under control without using excessive heat products has been a real problem for me. But finally I have found something that works.
First up, the shampoo. Since going shorter I have noticed that my hair gets oilier a little quicker, and I definitely can't last as long between washes as I used to be able to. I also find that products build up a lot easier in my hair so I have to use something that is really cleansing to be able to get rid of it all. Thankfully, the Argan oil shampoo manages to tick all of these boxes, without completely stripping the hair or all its natural goodness and making it really weak. 
Next, the conditioner, which I like to use more as a mask (for around 10 minutes) to let the moisture really soak into my hair and soften it. I find this works really well at taming the frizz, a pretty much impossible task, and leaves my hair feeling lovely and soft, without compromising of the volume. Side note: The gingery smell of this is so invigorating and fresh, love
I've been a long-time convert to Argan Oil, and over time it has become an absolute essential in my 'hair-care routine'. After washing my hair, I like to rub a coin-sized amount through towel-dried locks before blowdrying on a low setting. I find that it really helps to protect from heat and gives my hair that super shiny and soft look which I really like. The smell of this one is really gorgeous, and I love the little bottle that it comes in as it is so convenient, and really helps to reduce the price too!
This brand has definitely become one of my favourites, and it may have even taken over my love for Aussie, shock horror. It's unlike me to get this excited about haircare, but this brand has definitely made my beauty blogging heart beat a little faster. Do you think you will try them out?
*Not a sponsored post I just happen to really like their products!*

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