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How to Get Your Best Night's Sleep.

By Maddy1704 @unstitchedd
How to get your best night's sleep.
If you’ve been plagued with bad sleep for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or longer, then you’ll know how awful it is trying to function on little sleep. You feel like falling asleep where you stand, you have brain fog, you can’t work as effectively as you’d like, your eating habits suffer, and so many more issues crop up.
What if I told you you could have the best sleep you’ve ever had by tonight? It might sound like a con, but hear me out. There are a few things you can do to get your mind and body ready for sleep, and they should make a massive difference when your head hits the pillow. Take a look - many of these techniques can be used for a better sleep tonight!

Make Sure The Temperature Of The Room Is Right

If the temperature of your room is not right, you’re going to struggle to fall and stay asleep. If it’s too cold you’ll struggle and you probably won’t want to get out of bed in the morning. If it’s too warm, you’ll wake up constantly and probably struggle drifting off in the first place. Make sure you have the right bed clothes to ensure your body temperature is at a level you’re comfortable with. Open a window if you need to.

Take All Technology Out Of The Bedroom

Having technology in the bedroom confuses the body’s circadian rhythms. Even if you don't want TV in bed, simply have the light and other power lights in your bedroom can disrupt sleep. You want the room to be as dark as possible, with nothing interfering with the way you sleep. Take it all out and put it somewhere else. The bedroom is for sleep only.

Use Essential Oils And Sleep Sprays

Start using essential oils and sleep sprays to help you drift off. Lavender is a great one, but you can even mix your own to help you drift off if you want to. Put essential oils in a diffuser to breathe them in, or mix them with your body care products. Use sprays on your pillow and they should help to relax you.

Invest In A New Mattress

Maybe your mattress is quite old and could do with being replaced. Look for the best mattresses for your needs, whether that’s firm or soft. Test some out in the store. At the very least, flip your mattress to see if that helps give you better support while you sleep.

Have A Bath Before Bed

Bathing before bed helps the body and mind to wind down, as well as affect the temperature in a way that makes sleep come more naturally.

Stay Away From Caffeine Later On In The Afternoon

If you’re drinking caffeine any time past 3pm, you could be buzzing all night long. You might think it has been ages since your last coffee, but it could still be in your system!

Exercise Earlier On In The Day

Finally, exercise early on in the day to expend some excess energy and you should feel more tired come bedtime.

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