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Ordinary Or Extraordinary?

By Arianel
Hi Ladies!

 Ordinary or Extraordinary ?
 Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary.Oscar Wilde
You can find something truly important in an ordinary minute.”
Mitch Albom

Things don’t have to be extraordinary to be beautiful. Even the ordinary can be beautiful.”
― Wicker Park

If you pursue happiness, you are an ordinary person. If happiness pursues you, you are an extraordinary person. Do not chase happiness; let it chase you.”
Peter Deunov
  It's perfectly normal that extraordinary things happen to me. I'm an exceptional person. Oh, don't think I'm boasting. I mean to say that, unfortunately, I'm exceptional and that, unfortunately, I can't live by the rules. I must make my own.”

a1   No one is just ordinary in my opinion- Each person ‘s life is unique and precious - Our life are all extraordinary because we are all given the chance to better and improve our own understanding of what we do or what we would like to do – I believe that we can transform ourselves and realize the extraordinariness of our own existences and of the life of others-  
 I was wearing for this extraordinary post ...Faux- fur- Retail $10 Graphic Tee - Misa - Thrifted at Renaissance  $4Orange Tee - RetailSkirt - Gift from Mr. D -70s jacket - Thrifted at Renaissance $5Boots - Retail I will see you soon!Ariane xo

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