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Orange is the New Red.

By Iheartmexo @iheartmexoxo
Who here loves orange? It's not my favorite color but is right next to my favourite- Pink.
When it comes to makeup, I always go and look for pink or orange. These days it's all about orange for me. Some people think that wearing an orange lipstick is a bit 'outrageous' or 'crazy' but I disagree completely.I think it looks amazing! It's my alternative of red lipstick (since red doesn't look amazing on me) since ornage suits my complexion and skintone alot more. Just like a red lipstick, you need to find your color. I decided to blog about orange makeup today. It had to be done guys. This is a post, I've really enjoyed writing! haha
Orange is the new Red.Orange is the new Red.Orange is really on trend at the moment too. Especially when it comes to makeup. There are alot of ways in which you could incorporate orange in your look. You could either go quite bold and vibrant which I alot of the time do by using a lipstick or you could take the more subtle route by adding a hint, maybe on your nails or perhaps a lipgloss. Orange on the eyes is not something I've explored yet but it looks pretty interesting!I personally have never tried any NARS products but their Taj Mahal and Gina blush are a great example of an orange toned blush, though Taj mahal is quite deep and Gina is a little subtle. Sleek is also an amazing brand for vibrant colours. Their lipstick is tangerine scream is beautiful, and blushers like life's a peach and lace are also great orange based colours to go for. So my favorite orange lipstick is MAC's Saigon summer (like I haven't mentioned that 5 million times) but Maybelline have a great range too!I love me some orange lipstick. 
I would really love to know what you guys think about orange makeup!What are your thoughts on it and do you love orange makeup as much as I do?!Hareem x
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