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Open Car Trailers: Different Types and Advantages

Posted on the 21 October 2019 by Infinity Trailers @InfinityTrailer

The open car trailers have become very popular because of their several advantages. They are cost-effective and easy to drive. These trailers require very low maintenance as compared to the enclosed trailers.

Open Car Trailers: Different Types and Advantages
Open car trailers come with several capacities such as 4 car haulers, 5 car haulers, 6 car haulers, etc. They are classified into 3 different types. They include a single-car trailer, gooseneck trailer, and tilt car trailer. Here we will discuss these types and the several advantages.

3 Types of Open Car Trailers

Single Car Hauler
Single car haulers are the most common types of car carriers. The length of this trailer lies between 17 feet to 25 feet approximately. This trailer is durable and very cost-effective. A single-car trailer is small and compact in size. It is generally used for short-distance transportation. The deck of this trailer is very strong. The trailer generally contains beveled corners (front), radial tires, loading ramps, rubber-mounted lighting, etc.

Gooseneck Trailer
It is also a popular open car trailer. The gooseneck design can easily bear the 30000 lbs loads. This trailer has high strength. It is available in several designs and sizes. This trailer is very ideal for tighter turning as compared to other trailers.

Tilt Car Trailers
As the name suggests, these car trailers have tilting beds which offer loading angle. The angle can be easily adjusted by using the hydraulic mechanism. Tilt trailers can easily carry multiple cars. These trailers are long and the ground clearance is low.

Key Advantages of Open Car Trailers

Safer Transportation
Undoubtedly, transporting cars by using an open trailer is safer. The cars are perfectly attached to the trailer’s deck. The advanced shock absorbers can easily absorb any kind of jerk while transporting and protect the cars from damages. The cars can be safely and smoothly transported by using this trailer.

Open car trailers are extremely cost-effective as compared to enclosed car trailers. The simple structure of a open car hauler makes it very affordable. Apart from that, it requires very low maintenance costs than others. If the weather is not good then additional waterproof covers are used to protect cars from raining and out side elements during transportation. This is a cost-effective option. So no need to use enclosed car trailers which are expensive.

More Storage
Another major advantage of an open car trailer is the unlimited storage space. Definitely, when you are planning to transport cars by using this trailer then no need to worry about the height and width of the cars. This benefit makes an open car trailer more popular over an enclosed car trailer.

So, it is concluded that open car trailers make car transportation easier and smoother. Apart from that, they offer the fastest loading and unloading in comparison to other car trailers.

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