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Oops… We Forgot A Title… If Only Google Could Suggest One Via Autocomplete!

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

Yahoo reports that a doctor in Australia has sued Google because he is apparently unhappy with what happened when people started typing his name in the search engine.

Specifically, the autocomplete function of Google suggested the man’s name followed by the word “bankrupt.”

The doctor alleges that his reputation has been damaged because some Google users have assumed he is bankrupt.

Because you know that any good research stops at Google autocomplete, without waiting for Google to display actual pages to visit and read.

And you thought college students who copied essays from Wikipedia were lazy. Wait until professors start reading essays based entirely on autocomplete.

We decided to try it ourselves, so here are:

3 Lousy Essay Titles Based On Google Autocomplete

1. “Fear Of Long Words.” We found it incredulous that this atrocious suggestion appeared after typing “fear of…”

Screen Shot 2013-01-24

Especially since someone just played the 9-letter word “derailing” in Words With Friends, and this reminded us of train derailments, and then even worse (due to the extra letters), locomotive derailments.

2. “Fear Of Clowns.” We assume this is a reference to the outgoing United States Congress.

3. “History Of Clowns Evil.” Well, at least we found the place to go to find out why people are afraid of clowns.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24

That said, this topic may not go well at clown college, especially if you are accusing all clowns of being evil, right before you are all about to be jammed in one tiny car.

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