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Oodles of Doodles #BookReview

By Joyweesemoll @joyweesemoll

Book: Free Spirit Doodles, Quirky Cute Doodles, and Twirly Girly Doodles by Stephanie Corfee
Genre: Juvenile art
Publisher: Savvy Books
Publication date: 2016
Pages: 31 each

Source: Hardcover from library

Summary: These three books encourage children (and adults) to draw fantastic things from their imaginations. Each begins with a different About this Book page that encourages doodling and then presents the same two-page spread of Doodle Tools. After the introductory material, each book presents different ideas and projects - from unicorns to skateboards, plus lots and lots of flowers.

Thoughts: Every few years throughout my life, I become entranced with drawing. Generally, it lasts for a few days before I get annoyed at my lack of skill and give up - only to revive my interest when the frustration dies down and the fascination builds up.

My current foray seems destined for more staying power, partly because I set the bar so low for myself. I'm aiming to fill a sketchbook with inspiration from drawing books for children. Inspired by these three books, I already filled half of my sketchbook.

Here is one of my first exercise from early May.

Here is one from this weekend. I think it's evident that I've grown in confidence and skill.

Besides the books, I use You Tube when I have questions about how to use tools that I own. I had a few Tombow markers from a previous foray into art and I learned better ways of using them from CraftTestDummies and Smitha Katti. I love coloring in my own doodles, especially flowers and paisleys.

Appeal: These would be great books to prevent boredom of kids home for the summer. And, they provide an easy entrance for adults who want to wake up their creativity and improve their skills with pen and paper.

What are your experiences with making art?

Oodles Doodles #BookReview
Oodles of doodles #BookReview

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