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Only One Weekend Left to Visit a Corn Maze This Season!

By Homesmsp @HomesMSP

Fall in Minnesota makes one think of apples and pumpkins... and corn mazes!


Mazes actually go back thousands of years... to the Egyptian pyramid chambers and Roman street patterns. But growing mazes didn't become popular until the 15th century when hedge mazes were grown to entertain European nobility. The Amazing Maize Maze in Pennsylvania claims to be the first American corn maze created for public entertainment... a mere 18 years ago, in 1993.

Corn maze1

Since that time corn mazes have become popular throughout the US and Canada, Europe and Australia. I find it fascinating how they change throughout the season, starting green and ending with the dried corn stalks we associate with fall. In Minnesota the corn maze season is usually over the end of October... so that means only one weekend left this year!

Mazes usually have a pattern theme, which is mowed out of the field when the corn is about 6" tall. A couple mazes in the Twin Cities this year have a MN Twins theme in celebration of their 50th anniversary. Some have miles of trails and some are smaller and less elaborate... but all give a great excuse to get out and enjoy a beautiful fall day with the whole family!


Corn mazes are now often part of a festival-like atmosphere which may include a corn pit, rides, animals, food and other activities as well as pumkins and apples. Look for a corn maze near you... this list is by no means comprehensive, it didn't even include the one we visited yesterday at 101 Market in Elk River!

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