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Only in Dubai: Gold Plated Motor Home

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

Dubai is a city of just over 2 million people in the United Emerald Emirates. When you read anything about Dubai it usually has to do with excess and opulence. Apparently unlimited oil money will do that to you. Want some examples? Back in April, the Dubai Police Department added a $450,000 Lamborghini Aventador to its fleet. In May the department then added they added a $1.4 Bugatti Veryon. Talk about upgrading your fleet.

Now, this opulence has moved into the world of recreational vehicles. Marchi Mobile has a eleMMent Palazzo motor home for sale that is topping out at $3.1 million. This is no ordinary diesel pusher. This baby is clad in gold. Not gold paint, friends…after all this is Dubai.

That’s not all this spaceship-looking motorhome has to offer. This 40 foot behemoth has a large master suite, a 40 inch flat screen, fireplace and a rooftop terrace that looks like it is the top deck of a yacht. Not enough? Push a button and up comes a cocktail bar, with lighted marble and under floor heating.

The driver’s cabin features every imaginable amenity and looks like something right out of Star Trek. It’s main front windshield is actually round and employs a rotating three-wiper “blade” system for those raining nights in Dubai.

I suppose at $3.1 million the owner will not likely be concerned with the cost of fuel. Marchi Mobile didn’t even provide any MPG estimates. This giant vehicle is certain to gain some attention, but we’re not quite sure of a campground you would be comfortable driving it to however. That is unless you had a Lamborghini and Bugatti police escort.

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