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Online Tools for Bra Measurements

By Cwtmommy @cwtmommy
Online Tools for Bra Measurements

For bras in general, I've read a lot lately how women are getting measured wrong in stores or are using online tools that are NOT giving acurate results.  Because I'm nursing right now, I know how especially sucky it is to be fitted properly when you have constantly changing putty boobs.  So, since I don't have another bra review for you yet, I'm listing just *some* (there are hundreds) sources for helping you determine your bra size.  I tried Leading Lady and Herroom and they were pretty accurate.

Leading Lady - Find Your Fit

Herroom - Everything You Need to Know About Bra Fitting

Women's Health Magazine - How to Measure Bra Size

Wikihow - How to Measure Your Bra Size

Bare Necessities - Find Your Bra Size

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