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Online Gold Trading

Posted on the 15 June 2012 by Rachelcool01
Gold trading is just like investing in some business and expectations of profit return. Earning through trading online is one of the modern business technique as the new technology advances.
Gold is traded internationally through over-the-counter market transactions and limited trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange and Tokyo commodity exchange.
Gold is also traded in the form of securities on the New York, London, Johannesburg, and Australian Stock Exchanges. London is one of the largest center for over-the-counter(OTC) market transactions. Bullion market is 24 hour/day market for the buy and sale of gold, silver and other metals. London Bullion Market Exchange is one of the largest market to gold trading.
Most trading is conducted through OTC market because it is dominated by professionals and investors. No platform or physical place for trading, business conducted through telephone or electronic systems. Gold and silver trade in the form of option and futures trading.
Price of Gold and Silver rises continuously and still in rising mood which is one of the biggest reason for investments and prices of gold and silver increases almost 90%. Demand of gold and silver rising in all over the world, launch of numbers of gold and silver ETF's, diversification benefits of commodities and strong fundamentals are the reasons for rising in the prices of gold and silver.
Demand of gold and silver is more than production. The biggest demand for gold typically comes from Jewellery manufacture, over 60%. India is the biggest industry for gold Jewellery and most of the demand arises from this part of the world and continuous growing day by day. Demand in India because of the very big investors and marriage ceremonies in the part of the country.
China follows with 13% and US and Turkey with around 10% each.
Online Gold Trading
Online Gold Trading
Online Gold Trading

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