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One Stop Shop- You Can Buy a Car at Walmart

Posted on the 01 February 2017 by Cars4usa @cars4usa1
One stop shop- You can buy a car at Walmart Standard

First there was the car vending machines with Carvana ( click to read my post), now Walmart seems to want a piece of that sweet, sweet car sales action. I don't think that they chose the best date to launch this new endeavor though, April 1, 2017. I don't think it's a joke though, there's too much press coverage.

I have to say that we all had a feeling this was going to happen sooner or later... Not content to sell us inexpensive car accessories like steering wheel covers, seat covers, and all those other types of covers, Walmart has partnered with CarSaver (just one of the dealerships groups they are working with) to add car sales to 25 stores across the southwest.

One stop shop- You can buy a car at Walmart

Now Walmart isn't directly selling cars to us. You know how they have McDonald's, inexpensive chain hair cutting places, and banks leasing space at the front of the store? Well, that's what CarSaver is doing. I haven't actually heard of CarSaver before, but that's not out of the ordinary since they're based down in Florida. From what I can tell they are an online company that acts as a middle man between a dealership and yourself who guarantees they'll get the best deal possible. And according to reviews I've read, they actually do!

Walmart and CarSaver's already ran a pilot program in Stuart, FL, last year. They've discovered that customers saved an average of $3,000 off of the sticker price. That's a pretty hefty savings! You may be asking, 'What does CarSaver get out of this?' Well, $350 from the dealerships you bought the car from. That's not all that high of a finder's fee if you think about it.

According to Automotive News,

Customers will be able to select a new, used or certified pre-owned vehicle and apply for financing and auto insurance on the kiosk at the CarSaver Center, on their mobile device via CarSaver's website or by calling an 800 number.

CarSaver then will connect customers with a local, certified dealer and schedule an appointment to visit the dealership. If a shopper doesn't contact the dealership, an auto adviser reconnects with that shopper.

I'm kind of thinking that even though I find this type of thing really interesting... that maybe not many of you do. Let me know if this sort of thing is something you're interested in reading. For a change of pace we'll go off in a different direction next post!

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