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One {red-blue} Fish

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

How are you all doing today?

I’m not the greatest. I’ve spent all afternoon couch bound. But before we get to all that.


photo (8)

The coworkers decided it was Mexican Day! I wasn’t in the mood to say no… who want’s to say no to chips and salsa?!?!

photo (7)

I had the blackened shrimp tostada with rice and double guacamole. Yay for a serving of healthy fats and a serving of veggies.

I also had the rice. You can’t always say no. It tasted really really good. There’s something about plain ole white rice that’s just tasty.

My stomach and intestines have been going haywire all afternoon. It’s been me and a revolving track between the sofa in the living room and my bathroom down the hall.

I think everything I ate over the weekend is catching up to me. Digestive struggles are really hard because sometimes I’ll feel effects a few hours after I eat and other times it can be days. It makes it really hard to nail down exactly what’s causing all the problems.

I’m skipping fitness today. I’m breaking my streak after 17 consecutive days of running. Gah. So sad. But I’m going to pick right back up tomorrow. Taking only 1 day off in a total of 38 (from Labor Day to Independence Day) isn’t too shabby of an accomplishment.


I kept it pretty simple and nutritious for dinner.


I made some red pepper and tomato soup from my fun trip to Whole Foods a few nights ago. I added some salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Then I made some roasted asparagus.


One of my best blogging buddies, Kelli who writes Made in Sonoma talked about how roasted asparagus is her favorite vegetable today in her comment. I’ve been lusting for some all afternoon! Luckily there was some in my fridge.

These were really tiny shoots so I had a lot!!



I’m layin’ pretty low tonight. Hopefully I’ll be all fresh and new after a good night’s sleep.

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