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One Raindrop

By Shawnaschuh

Accountability is the theme this week and we’ve learned it’s about responsibility for what we agree to – it’s also about our actions and how they combine with others – what are we doing that enhances our world, our family, our community?


Photo of a raindrop on a fern frond.

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I love this quote from an anonymous person, “No individual raindrop ever considers itself responsible for the flood.”  What a truism that is!


What can we do in our own life that will contribute to the flood of our family and community? Can we be happier, more loving and patient? Is that something we are responsible or accountable for?


Today as we go into our life, living and interacting with our families, co-workers and others we come into contact with – what kind of raindrop can you be in this flood of life? One that adds clarity to the world I hope – be accountable, responsible – especially for your own choices.


You create your day by the way you think. Make it magnificent!


Blessings, Shawna


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