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One Luscious List

By Brianaschuck

Manifestation is real! I don’t know why I even need to remind myself at times. I am a confident gal, and even a bit cocky I’ll admit. So I should be strutting my stuff on the regular over my mad organizational genius, my mean b-ball skills AND my magical ability to conjure up the absolute fullness of what I desire!

It’s time to brag! I am in full love mode with my man. Life is absolutely wonderful, and if it was anything but wonderful, I simply wouldn’t notice. I am so in it. The blinders are on and I feel so alive in this serene tunnel vision of love. Thank you, more please.

I haven’t felt this way in over 10 years since my first love. I chalked that immature romance up to puppy love. Young, dumb and naive. I often wondered if loving that blindly was possible ever again. I also wondered if it was possible, would I even want it? What I realized was, HECK NO, I didn’t want to love like that again. I desired to love so much farther beyond my sweet 18 year-old capacity. It took a long, long time to forgive past mistakes and admit to myself that love was what I wanted. I had to get over my embarrassment of wanting true romance, true love. So instead I spent my time and my powers manifesting so many other fabulous physical world reality items. I am the queen of conjuring parking spots, opportunities, and goodies. Even the big-ticket items like cars, jobs, apartments, you name it. The ideal scenes I would create popped off the pages……but the ones focusing on men and relationship were kept tucked away out of the light of day.

It wasn’t until I started Adventures in Pleasure Dating and the Four Man Plan that I began to take what I wanted in the realm of man more seriously. Once again, I got out the pen and paper and wrote myself a divine explanation of “my man.” Three pages long. Truthful, forthright and open. It finally held the essence of the man I desired to be around, give my time to and dedicate loving towards. I did a bang up job……and then I forgot about it again. Until………… evening, lying across from my man, making disgustingly delicious googly eyes at one another, I remembered! I leapt up from the bed, started scrambling though piles of journals until I found it. I even opened right to the very page I was looking for. As I scanned the words I had written months prior, I simply couldn’t keep the sly smile from my lips. “May I read you something?” I asked. And I went on to recite every single line of my desire in a list entitled:

“What I am attracting……My Sensational Man.” 

He brings me gifts for no reason at all.
He opens door for me. 
He happily pays for things.
He is thoughtful and attentive to my needs.
He is gorgeous, healthy and strong. 
He is a rugged, sporty, outdoorsman.
He is kind and contemplative.
He is spiritual and self-aware.
He makes me laugh.
He cooks and he cleans.
He has a great job that he loves.
He loves my body and tells me how beautiful I am every single day.
He is a passionate and sensual lover.
He is the most amazing kisser.
He loves to massage me and soothe me.
He expresses how he feels.
He is supportive and encouraging.
He holds me.
He dances with me.
He takes the man’s role with grace and ease.
He is sooooo sexy, handsome and tall.
He loves me so much and tells me “I love you” everyday.
He loves my friends and they love him.
He gives me butterflies.
He inspires me.
He is intelligent.
He is fun and funny.
He walks me to my car. 
He plays with my hair and gazes into my eyes.
He plans exciting getaways for us.
He brags about me to his friends.
He sends me flowers.
He treats me like the goddess that I am.
He is spontaneous.
He is completely turned on by me.
He loves to worship my body from head to toe.
He challenges me to be an even more amazing woman.
He is active and adventurous.
He is sweet, tender and kind.
He whispers the sweetest words.
He kisses me soft and slow.
He is wild for me, will act a fool for me.
He kisses my neck.
He turns me on simply by looking at me. 
We are so in love.
We make each other better.
We communicate gorgeously.
We laugh all the time.
We cherish on another.
We are magic together.
We support one another completely.
We have so much fun no matter what.
We compliment each other.
We are made for one another.
We make beautiful love together.
We are in sync with one another.

And I will eat my gym socks if he isn’t every single one of those things and more! I had to sit back in that moment and pat myself on the back. Way to go honey! I honestly blew myself away. I was so pleased that I finally wrote such an authentic list. I felt like finally I put forth what I really wanted. Not what I thought I should want. Or what other people wanted for me. My gratitude is overflowing. We are all so blessed and supported in this mystical world. I delight in getting to play, frolic and create in it.

Here’s to always writing dorky lists and always asking for what you truly want. I say go for it! Get it girl! Get it, get it girl!

One Luscious List

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