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Love is the New Black

By Brianaschuck

As I kissed my beloved hello, I kissed my blog good-bye. When I found the man I was pleasure dating to find, I lost my motivation to write. Not because I didn’t feel inspired to document the magical love we shared. But rather, I entertained the ridiculous notion that no one is interested in reading about how in love I am.

Well I am done with that notion. Number one: because it is stupid. Number two: because who asked you to read this anyway! Just kidding! I love that I get to share my experiences with others. I love even more when my words have the ability to impact the lives of others. And this is why I am back. I cannot keep this love confined any longer. This love has the power to change the way you think about love.

What would you say if I told you that everything you want in a partner (and more) is possible? That stars align and prayers are answered and it is available to you? Would you exit this page and turn off your computer? Or would you read on while scrumptiously salivating? Well good, the skeptics are gone. Those of you left are ready, truly ready!

I was not ready for a long time. Terrified would accurately describe my general feeling about men and relationships. I was sooooo not ready, that I masterfully convinced myself that men were not worth a damn and were of no use to me. Apparently I forgot I had a vagina. This time I spent avoiding intimacy was extremely valuable though. Without the mind-fucking distraction of man, I was able to cultivate a spiritually solid relationship with myself. For years and years, I practiced, and I learned how to be me exceptionally well. Only when I got comfortable enough with me, did I even begin the tiniest inkling of a desire for a we. I was actually embarrassed to want it a first, only admitting it to my nearest and dearest. Until one day I got clear, really, really clear. All of the sudden I was able to, without a doubt, confess my desire for a relationship. And not just any relationship, one with my divine love. This scared me and invigorated me all at once. Then months down the road, it did’t scare me anymore. It pissed me off and irked me that it hadn’t already arrived. Where the hell was he? I remember a session with my coach where she just let me be angry. Allowed me to rant and rave and mentally throw things across the room. I believe this was the day that I finally knew I was serious about finding love.

I still approached my dating with a casual edge. No man is looking for a desperate she-wolf. But my discernment tightened up and my pursuit of personal pleasure solidified. I wasn’t just going for something. I was going for everything! No more wishy washy excuses about how he might be this, or that might change. I only gave energy to that which I truly felt called to. And soon enough, I was called to him.

Getting clear on what I desired was not the simplest task. It was a process to put it lightly. But a process that I was committed to making pleasurable! I realized I cannot and will not compromise in asking for what I want. I’ve learned that asking gets me what I want, not asking simply doesn’t. And every woman knows, getting what you want is so much more fun!

The ongoing task for me is to remember to keep asking for all that I desire. From my man, from the Universe, from everyone…….always! In doing so I have placed the most gratifying life out in front of me. A life where I get my needs met and my desires fulfilled. Without exaggeration, I can honestly say that this beautiful man makes every single one of desires a reality. Men yearn to please women, but often lack the confidence to do so because they don’t know how. Let’s throw these precious men a bone by speaking up and being clear. I mean how else would he have known that I wished for him to rub lotion into my feet and sing to me as I fell asleep!!! I can’t make this up ladies. My prince has arrived.


*In addition to Pleasure Coaching, I have decided to also offer my services in Pleasure Dating and Pleasure Relationships. This calling has been inspired by not only the complete fulfillment I am experiencing in relationship with my man.  It also sprang into being by witnessing the most perfect wedding of my life last month. I am now an Ordained Minister and have already been asked to officiate a wedding. I could not think of a more love-filled way to be of service to those joining in divine union with one another. Please let me know how I can be of service to your ecstatically pleasurable life!

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