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Zapped by the Travel Bug

By Brianaschuck

I just have to brag that I have been pretty gangster lately. This girl is getting it done! I don’t think there has been a time in my life where I have so relentlessly and shamelessly asked for what I wanted. It is exhilarating. It is terrifying. And it is how I desire to live my life from here on out.

My adventurous man and I have been planning our first international getaway to Honduras. Ten days of beaches, scuba, surfing, biking, hiking, and party mayhem! I submitted my dates to my work and patiently awaited the go ahead. Patiently, patiently, patiently, until…….Hello!!! Trying to live my life here. Flight costs rising, tick, tick, tick.

My request was countered with an email laying out the dates they would need me in the coming months. Unfortunate conflict occurring on the exact weekend I had hoped to already have pina colada in hand and sand in toes. Our ideal scenario entailed whisking away in the dead of a Thursday night, rubbing tired eyes to a Central America Friday afternoon. Their ideal scenario had me working Friday, Saturday and then some. Oh no no…..what is a well-mannered, accommodating employee to do?

My relationship with this family I work for has been a long one. I met them all when I was the tender age of 23. Still such a girl in this world. No awareness of my ability to tap into my womanhood, my essence, my pleasure. For many, many, many, many years I was incapable of saying no. Did I mention I said yes a lot? An automatic tension would arise in me every time I wanted to ask for something that I wanted. And when they wanted something, I would pretty much forgo my schedule to make them happy. Needless to say, as I have matured in my goddessness, this pattern just isn’t in my pleasure anymore.

But something beyond my womanly bad-assery kicked in this time. All of the sudden, I wasn’t just sticking up for me anymore. I was holding ground for us. The divine we that is stronger than the me. This delicious man I have manifested compliments my strengths in ways that I am just starting to explore. The unyielding support, the continual encouragement, the unfaltering faith we practice for one anther makes us invincible.  We hold so beautifully in the belief that anything is possible for us. So with this thought, the impossible happened.

I graciously wrote an email to my work straight up asking for what I wanted. Simply put, will you reschedule your trip so I can go on mine? I felt like a mama bear protecting her cubs. A new force was awakened in me because I felt his strength combined with mine. So more accurately, I asked for what we wanted. And the most beautiful thing happened……they said YES!

With this one tiny act, so many barriers dissolved. I am so overcome with gratitude and joy.  In standing firmly in my desire and in my love, I finally recognized that my work does care deeply about my life. They want me to be happy as much as I want them to be happy and fulfilled. This perpetual journey in learning to ask for what I desire is lusciously becoming a fruitful one. The first lesson was in realizing I am actually allowed to do it. Secondly, even though I may be terrified, I can choose to feel the fear and do it anyway! And lastly, receive, receive, receive. Open those gorgeous palms up to the sky and feel the magic pour down onto you. We deserve even more good, more love, more joy, more abundance than we ever thought was possible.

That has been my sublime awareness this week. Foolishly, I was spending time contemplating the perfection of my relationship. How can it possibly be this good? There must be something wrong with him. I better figure it out soon before it’s too late. Whoa! Hold up and knock that shit off! I am definitely NOT interested in creating a reality where I don’t get exactly what I want. Goddess Natalie lovingly put the smack down and explained it so simply for me upon leaving Agape yesterday. She said, “Well, Briana, of course he is perfect! You spent all that time manifesting him. Anything you create for yourself is going to be the best.” Oh honey how I loved hearing that! No more ruminating on the worst. I acknowledge myself for all of my amazingness and my sick manifestation skillzzzzz! This is what I hope for you beauties too. Remind yourself how completely powerful and remarkable you are. Then celebrate in that!

*Anyone interested in bringing their divine relationship and life into reality, I’m your girl. Give me a call, send me a telepathic thought, write it in the sky. Also, spread the word! Briana is ordained to do weddings! Yipeeee!

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