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One Lazy Weekend

By Teaantoast @teaantoastblog
ONE LAZY WEEKEND I have had a really lazy weekend and I'm not ashamed to say so.
It is very rare that I will spend a weekend doing nothing (unless I'm hungover, then I really can't function and get out of bed). I hate the thought of wasting my weekend in bed or being lazy - it really pisses me off. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that I really am not enjoying my job and I spend the week dreading the next day because it means I have to do it all over again. There is nothing like that feeling on a Friday night of knowing there is no work tomorrow and you have 2 whole days off to fuck about doing whatever you want.
This weekend however, I have been nothing but lazy. Tom went fishing so I had the whole weekend to entertain myself. On Saturday I only got out of bed to make tea, food and have a wee (which I did more than once). I didn't even shower. It was bliss. I watched youtube videos, read blog posts and napped, a lot. That is it. I did brush my teeth so I was a little bit clean I suppose.
Sunday I managed to venture into the bath. This was nice. I used A French Kiss bubble bar from Lush which turned my water pink and gave me a few bubbles. My Mom had it for a while so I don't even know if it was ok to use, it certainly didn't look like the picture on the website (I'm alive so it must have been alright). I also continued to read #Girlboss. The book I think every blogger and their friend has read. It's really good actually, I'm enjoying it. Although it has made me feel like the total opposite of a #girlboss. I don't yet have my house (although we're making good progress), I hate my job which seems to be getting worse and not better and I'm not living 'my best life'. But I do have a Cineworld unlimited card #alittlebitgirlboss.
I think weekends like this are actually really important. Especially for me. I realize that I can enjoy my own company, that I haven't got to be busy at all times to forget about work and that I need to re-charge for the week ahead. Because by the time next weekend comes, I'll only feel like a beaten egg once again.
ONE LAZY WEEKEND ONE LAZY WEEKEND In case you didn't see, or could tell... These photos are from my Instastories, I'm getting a little into doing Instastories at the moment, follow me on Instagram to keep up with them. 

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