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Once Upon A Time Scoop

Posted on the 13 October 2011 by Kbo @VampPerfection

More news on the Once Upon A Time front is rolling in and I figured there may be some Kristin news in there. Sadly it does say they don’t have her Maleficent’s alter ego in Storybrooke set up yet but that just means there’s a high possibility Kristin will return.

One of the early episodes of the series involves Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Will we be seeing any more characters from the Sleeping Beauty mythology, and will she have any conflict with the Evil Queen?

I don’t know, and yes. In that order.

Maleficent is in our first episode after the pilot. Kristin Bauer plays the lovely Maleficent, and I think that you get a very good sense that there’s a history between the two. They’re kind of frienemies. Maleficent has something that the Queen wants, and what length will she go to with her dear old friend to get that?

I think where we leave that story in the first episode, there’s absolutely an opportunity to have Maleficent come back, and see what trouble she might stir up.

Do we also see Maleficent’s Storybrooke alter ego?

We have not, yet.

Thanks to Craig for the article!

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