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"On This Day.." Special Feature on Facebook!

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw
This Day..Are you following Living the Dream on Facebook yet? If not, you should definitely 'like' our fan page for some exclusive content that we are unrolling in the coming weeks and months. Not only that, but we are always open to taking your travel questions and giving advice for your upcoming trip!
What special content you may ask? Well the first feature we've already unrolled is something called "On This Day...".   Thanks to Facebook's historical tracking of all of our status updates, we are presented with many interesting scenarios telling us how much fun traveling I've had one, two, or even three years ago!
What we like are the ones such as On This Day in 2010 (August 22nd) where I was in Japan and Angie was at home, yet our status updates coincided perfectly and we were reminded of a great memory that we could share with everyone:
This Day..The backstory, which is what we also give in our Facebook content, is something that you won't find in a blog post or anywhere else on the internet.  You see, on August 22nd, 2010 I had just arrived in Nagano and my ryokan did not have internet.  Unable to talk to Angie as she prepared for her PhD proposal exam we were a bit stressed.  So I took my iPod, walked up and down the streets of Nagano at night until I found an unsecured WiFi signal and called her via the Skype application. 
To supplement each On This Day... feature we also will be hosting a follow-up photo to show what we did that day with the status update.  So for Nagano I shared a photo of some tasty Soba Noodles I chowed down on in Japan, one of Nagano's specialties. 
This Day..
Considering collectively we have traveled over 222 days combined in the last 3 years, odds are good that we'll find a great historical On This Day... quote to share.   This is just one of the many exclusive Facebook features we'll be unrolling in the coming weeks and months, so jump in now and 'Like" Living the Dream on Facebook to be involved with all the action!

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