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On “the Art of Being on Time”

By Dvsredkov

If you have a lot of  memories about being shouted at because you were late I think it’s time for you to read on carefully and take notes. Being on time is not only important when it regards a job interview. Or a date.  When you’re late you simply give reason for your companion to think over your character’s disadvantages and to generate a recognizable amount of negativism towards your innocent self. No matter what your arguments are I am sure it’s important to be on time. Even an insignificant 5min late arrival for a meeting might cost a lot. Stress and inhumanly busy schedules are excuses I can take but very often people who are not  mother of 2+ children with two jobs at the most separate ends of the city are also late. Then who is to blame? And it’s not a bad habit , it’s low self-esteem and you label yourself as an ignorant by not paying attention to the clock.  I’m not saying that you should be on the arranged spot a week before the event but it’s rather simple to predict the actually inevitable delays you will face during your trip.  To be honest I even feel explanations like “I forgot , I missed the bus , I had to make a phonecall , etc.” like a real-time demonstration of low IQ. And it’s offensive too. How can I be delighted to have a friend who can not even come on time. And excuses just don’t work. It’s impossible to care what made you arrive 20mins after the appointment if it’s -20 degrees and I’ve been there on time. Just don’t bother explaining how you forgot the keys or the wallet or whatever , it will be considered as a parade of stupidity. And when you feel guilty enough to explain why you’re so late then it’s obvious it doesn’t matter anymore and you should just put on the guilty mask on your face and that will do.
Surely there are unpredictable things which might happen and then you can give a call and postpone the rendezvous. But your profile has to be of a person who isn’t late. Then you can afford to hit the 1st serve right into the bottom of the net and yet be forgiven. And let people know how punctual you are.Bring your anger along every time someone makes you walk in a small circle and stare at your watch.There are even people who are actually satisfied with the fact that someone is waiting for them. In their shallow brains the theory is that when they are late on purpose it makes them important. Female dog , please.

Lazy-reader version : Being on time  has to be driven by inner belief. Clever people judge your personality by unconventional means. Being on time is the hygiene of your character. And I’m sure no one wants to be described as  dirty and disgusting. The harms of neglecting the schedule are just not worth the negligence. It’s 19:51:27 (GMT+2) as I finish the article. Cheers.

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