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On Society and Relations

By Dvsredkov

The world is mad. If I wasn’t trying to keep your attention for more than two seconds I’d have declared this article as finished. The world we live in is changing so rapidly that certain trends are out of date even before you finish the  bragging phone call to a friend about how fashionable you are. This also involves the way people interact with each other. Nowadays we must have iphones and go to the gym and wear latest fashion and that’s only after we’ve purchased the brand new cars and have finished a fancy financial degree in a “prestigious” university. And all of this is wrong but keeps driving people madder and madder in fact even obsessed with the idea of being as close as possible to the imaginary idol in mind. Maybe I’m too narrow-minded but I can’t explain those trends to my simple self. There’s nothing more stupid than trying to be someone you  are not. Happiness-seekers will be disappointed even when they  no matter the  price provide the social heaven for themselves. Happiness just isn’t there. Based on everyday observations I can tell that many people lack adequate judgement. The label “fool” or “looser” is put on the forehead of anyone that’s a bit different. Intelligence , humor and reliability are considered less important than ABs , sun tan and clothes. Or at least you need the last three fitting in the “cool” category in order to unveil the rest. And I’m guilty too. Recently I met a guy from the neighborhood who I hadn’t seen for years and the “just say Hi and move on” attitude was brought to my conscious just because of his afro hairstyle. So the question is how to prevent this ludicrous judgement. Obviously you can’t talk to people with holes in their ears which are the size of a swimming pools but that’s an exception. The rest are OK. But when it comes to actually spending time with such individuals it’s up to them to prove you that they don’t need to be under medical surveillance. Any average guy will try to go across the street if he sees a bunch of tall , skin-headed  gentlemen singing songs unappropriate for children after midnight. But when you find yourself abandoned by your siblings at a party and a guy with tattoos on his face expressing violence asks for a lighter you don’t have many options. And then the magic happens 9 out of 10 times he will turn out to be very polite and cool guy who simply lives in the body of a rapist (the worst case scenario is the ER). And you’ll be amazed how often the magazine-cover type of both men and women act like they’ve been raised in a prison. Just monitor the behavior of the upper  social class individuals in a traffic jam or at a queue. They emit hatred. And when they get the same in return you can literally see the shock on their faces. Then the government takes all the blame and if it was a living creature it would have quite a disturbing offspring since they’re suggesting incest. The roots of the problem are deep in our lives. As early as elementary school kids are being exposed to numerable options for attitude to choose from. And the passion for the unknown delivers the outcasts of our present society. It’s an evolution process taking place in every individual and it does not respond to advices and/or control. Eventually everyone will follow their instincts and will shape up to be the genuine Mr/Mrs RealMe. The tricky part is to make it happen sooner and without permanent scars from the exploration period.

Lazy-reader version :  Society today represents a rainbow of different people. Even adults are confused when choosing in which category they have to place their selves. Probably statistics are to be trusted and people with odd interests and activities should be aware they’re not the dominant ones. Or they should watch Bear Grylls and escape from the lookalike-human factories called cities. Educate yourself and then make the decision. The less intervention with nature’s idea of you- the better.

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