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on My Lunch Break

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

This was my list at 9:32am.


It looks all cute and little, neat and tidy. Just how a To-Do list should be.

Then we went to lunch and totally splurged because it’s Sweet Friday.


In-N-Out burger! I had my burger protein style minus the tomato and I ate an entire basket of fries… my tummy is so happy!


And this is what my list looked like when I got back from lunch. It grew, despite having a bunch of tasks checked off and it led to consuming a whole bag of m&m’s.

I lost a blue m&m on the floor for a second.


Everyone was very worried in the world! Then Jaemen ate a yellow one and I was ready to jump him because I NEVER share my m&m’s. Jaemen, we might be friends tomorrow after I morn the loss of my yellow friend. But we might not because this is a treasonous offense.


I do actually eat my m&m’s like I’m a cat…. My list now needs to be copied to a new sheet of paper.

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