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On Friendship

By Dvsredkov

Friends come and go. You tell that someone is your “friend” way too easily nowadays. The meaning of the word involves much more than a guy whose name you can’t recall but you remember his face from the bar or the gym or the lectures from the day before. Friends are to be trusted and you share very private and sensitive emotions with them , you ask them for advice when you’re desperate , you ask them for help when you are going through tough situation , you are eagerly anticipating their calls on your birthdays , you expect them to be honest with you and in return you’ll quite simply  do almost anything for a friend. You are willing to forgive anything to a close friend , on the basis of previous experience , the one they call “time of my life”.  Now tell me if you can do such things for a stranger. If you had “YES” in your mind , then it’s time to re-consider the church you’re going to.  There are some simple qualities of a friendship that are decisive when you sit back , grab a glass of wine and start thinking who’s on the very top of the list. And it’s not money or the drinking capabilities it’s the moments when you see your friend smile devilishly and you know he just farted , the messages , which at first glance doesn’t have any sense at all but you know the person who sent them had the meaning hidden for anybody else except you , the sense when you speak to a friend that he really enjoys your company , instead of just being “polite”.  It’s almost like love , except the sex. Of course you can have a female friend but either you have to be homosexual or be a friend with your wife. If a friendship has survived through the years and against the odds you still feel someone like “family” then you’re lucky. You’re also lucky every time someone tells you you’re a great friend without begging for it.
And someone less fortunate said to an even more lonely person “The dog is the man’s best friend” .

I disagree.

Lazy-reader version : Friends are not on Facebook  or Twitter. Don’t take your friends for granted. They are a deserved prize , the more the better. In fact you should give them a call right now and tell them how much you love them. I will.

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