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Omg! Another Awesome Survivor! Another Awesome Tribal Council!

Posted on the 25 April 2013 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch


The answer to Wednesday's Trivia Question: Ellen Barkin starred in both Diner and The New Normal

FIRST FIVES:Ed Ziskind, Brett Blattman, He Who Shall Not Be Named, Lance Beitler, and Kathy Connelly

Honorable Mention: Francesca Sullivan Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5 

The Voice-NBC 4.0/12.4
NCIS-CBS 2.7/16.7
NCIS LA-CBS 2.6/13.9
Dancing with the Stars-ABC 2.0/12.3
Hell's Kitchen-FOX 1.9/4.7 Tuesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5 The Voice-NBC 185,087 Dancing with the Stars-ABC 81,451 NCIS-CBS 60,945 Body of Proof-ABC 37,247 NCIS LA-CBS 36,429
Tuesday's Cable Top 5
The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.6/3.6
NBA Playoffs 8p-TNT 1.4/3.3
NBA Playoffs 1045p-TNT 1.4/2.8
Deadliest Catch-Discovery 1.4/3.0
The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.3/3.0 Tuesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5 NBA Playoffs 8p-TNT 489,757 NBA Playoffs 1030p-TNT 151,614 The Bad Girls Club-Oxygen 151,085 30 for 30-ESPN 69,877 Awkward-MTV 53,926

Survivor WOW!!! What a great episode! If you haven't watched yet...do not read this! Major spoiler alert!  In the game of Survivor, everything changes on a dime. When the show started last night, everyone was emotional, tired, starving and melting down. I was thinking, when everyone was talking about how hungry they were...has anyone been fishing? I don't remember anyone fishing at all. Anyway, of course just as everyone was about to pass out or consider cannibalism, FOOD AUCTION!  This food auction was nuts! Hunger makes people do crazy things. Reynold got 1 slice of pizza but Sandra Bullock screamed out that she would take the other 7 slices for all of her money...500 bucks. Dawn spent her 500 on an entire roasted chicken. Malcolm spent 20 bucks for beer and pretzels and I have no idea how this guy gets so lucky, but the rest of his money bought him the exact directions to ANOTHER IMMUNITY IDOL. Andrea gave up her food for rice for the entire tribe. Cochran got a secret that he couldn't open til the immunity challenge. Brenda who was STARVING, spent all of her money on pig brains. I thought she'd have a nervous breakdown, but she didn't.  Letters from home were on the market for 20 bucks each but not everyone had 20 bucks to purchase their letters which made the tears start to flow. Before the auction ended, everyone was able to share as much peanut butter as they could eat or shmeer all over themselves in 60 seconds. Every one's mental state really did change after the auction. Food and love from home is all it took. I gotta give Andrea an award for stalking Malcolm since she assumed he had a clue to the location of the immunity idol. She followed him to where he thought it was and stared and waited and her strategy worked. He didn't find it. The guy found two without any clues. This one he had directions and paid 480 bucks and got NOTHING! At the immunity challenge, Cochran was given a 2 knot advantage over his tribe mates who all had to hold a rope until they couldn't hold it anymore. Dawn seemed to be screaming "motherf*cker" but I think they may have edited out the f part. Reynold started using profanity which must have been pretty bad since they blurred out his lips.  What could be worse than "motherf*ckr"? Malcolm was out pretty early and at the end it was Cochran against Eddie and Cochran won immunity. There was so much strategizing and again, I had no idea how the votes would go down. I don't remember the last time there was a 3 way tie but it was BRILLIANT strategizing. Malcolm, one of Malcolm's three Amigos and Andrea.  Made perfect sense! AND...when it was a tie and everyone knew that Malcolm didn't have the idol...BUH BYE Malcolm.  Great player, cute guy but great move guys.  I really need Cochran to win this thing. Love this freaking show...I was saying on Facebook last night that I remember working with my buyers on an estimate for Survivor before it ever aired. I knew it was going to be big... I knew it and it's still big and it's still great and I love every minute of it! 

The Americans I was wondering how bad the wigs could get on this show and this episode delivered the answer. Phillip really needed to get a bug into John Boy Walton's office so the only way to convince Martha, his fake girlfriend, to do it...ask her to marry him! Of course she said yes even though she is sworn to secrecy, can only tell her parents and they can never live together. what an idiot.   I mean this woman is either crazy in love with this guy with bad hair, or just desperate to be married.  Well, he married her! I couldn't believe it! In order to make things look good, Felicity and Granny donned the worst wigs I've ever seen and looked like they came from a farm in Iowa. They pretended to be Phillips Mom and sister. I felt bad for Felicity having to watch the wedding knowing she does actually feel something for Phillip but hey...you snooze, you lose and she should tell the guy how she feels. Another big shocker, Nina took an oath to protect the secrets of the Soviet Party and got a lapel pin for her troubles. The whole thing made her feel so guilty, especially after she realized that Stan did kill Vlad, so what did she do? Turned herself in! Another person turning herself in was Haila from Weeds, the maid for the FBI guy. Remember, she put a clock with a bug in it in her boss's home study! She went to church and took her oath to god, which of course made her feel guilty too, so she turned herself in.  Lots of oaths, lots of guilt this week. Last but not least, the feds are getting close to something...they have figured out that it is a man and a woman they are looking for and while the sketches look nothing like Phillip and Felicity, it looks like in next weeks season finale, they do figure something big out. Not sure what that means since the show did get renewed already, but I'm sure it won't disappoint. Good show, good season!  NEWS & INFORMATION
-I'm sure you've already read about the NBC trivia quiz/reality show coming this Fall. Knowing how much my readers LOVE trivia, I'm guessing you'll all be watching The Million Second Quiz.. This one sounds like it may have some promise for the network. Basically, it will be a live event type show that lasts for 12 consecutive days and nights. The contestants will be competing against each other and living together in some hourglass building in NYC. Sounds interesting but ya never know. It could be big or with NBC's luck it could be a bust. Fingers crossed that it's big. I wish I could compete...the prize is 10 million dollars!

-In this weeks Advertising Age magazine (yes...hard copy, old school magazine) there is a pretty fun poster of facts.  I love this stuff here's some of it: 
  • 1.08 million US pay TV subscribers canceled service in favor of online options last year. That's a big number no?
  • Of the 5MM Zero-TV households. 75% have at least one TV set but 67% get content on other devices
  • Of the 67% that get content on other devices: 37% get content via computer, 8% via smartphone, 6% via tablet , 16% have Internet enabled TV. 48% watch TV content through a subscription service
  • In February 2013, Google/YouTube had 150.7 million viewers who spent an average of 362.1 minutes with site and viewed 11.3 billion videos
  • Top Online Video Sites by Time Per Viewer: Netflix (11:02), Hulu (4:19), YouTube (4:02) GorillaVId (3:52), Ustream (2:06) and Crackle (1:52)
  • Top Video-Type Choices: US Online adults said they watch video this way at least once a month: recorded on a DVR-37%, Free VOD-24%, Netflix-22%, VIdeo streamed from a TV Networks website-17%, Full Length video streamed on YouTube-15%, VOD that you PAY to watch-13%, Video streamed from other websites-12%, Hulu Plus-7%, Amazon Instant Video-6%, Itunes-3%  (For the record...I've done all but VOD THIS MONTH!!!)
  • Top 5 NON TV RELATED things a tablet owner is doing WHILE watching TV: Checked Email, visited unrelated websites, played video games, downloaded or used an app, & Read a digital Magazine or book
  • Top 5 TV RELATED things a tablet owner is doing WHILE watching TV: Posted comments about a show they were watching, visited a networks show website, looked for more info about the show, watched a video related to the show & voted in a contest related to the show
-For anyone that read through my "Why I Don't Watch Mad Men" post, you'll know that I'm really not a big Jon Hamm fan. Nothings really changed for me even after having seen THE PHOTO (If you don't know what I'm talking about let me know, I'll send it).  So, I wasn't thrilled to hear that he will be hosting the ESPY's.  I know that Jimmy's not in the Disney family, but don't cha think that my FBFF/FTSH would be the PERFECT host? Just sayin...

-Do any of you guys ever watch Ali Wentworth's Daily Shot on Yahoo? It's really skewed more for woman than men and while she calls it the earliest late night talk show, I sort of feel like that's a bit misleading. I would absolutely put this show into the daytime talk category. The show has evolved over time into the current format which I'm enjoying, but I think I would enjoy just hanging out with Ali regardless of what she was doing, who she was talking to and what the topic was. She just seems like a friend.  Anyway, I tend to consume 3-4 of her 3-4 minute shows at a time. Last night I watched Beth Stern promote her new show, a chick who wrote a book about not wanting to ever have kids and a show about using your maiden or married name.  It's a fun way to spend 10 minutes and like I said...I could pretty much watch Ali do anything!  For anyone who hasn't checked it out, here's the link: http://screen.yahoo.com/beth-stern-spoiled-rotten-pets-230000378.html

-More on Aereo my new obsession: 

-I read that now, Amazon is getting into the set top box game as well. How many boxes do people actually want at this point? I have my cable box, my TiVO and my TiVO stream, but there's also Apple TV, Roku, Slingbox, I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch. Do we need or want all these boxes at this point? Can't one awesome smart TV do the trick or something? Too confusing, too annoying and what about the space all these boxes take up? Enough boxes already.
Thursday's Trivia Question: Movie: Caddyshack - TV Show: Mary Tyler Moore Show.
Name the Actor
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