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“Old Love” What Happened to This Type of Love?

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie
“Old Love” What Happened to this Type of Love?

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When I’m out on a day to day basis or whenever I travel anywhere, I hardly pay attention to couples that may pass me or end up in my surrounding area. I imagine that it’s due to the fact that I’m focused on what I’m doing at the time. I’m normally busy running my mouth to even notice blissful couples that may cross my path. During my travels last week I ran into 2 couples that surprisingly made me smile.

The first couple I met was celebrating their 40th year anniversary and the second couple was celebrating their 51st year anniversary. This is what I like to call “old love” because love like this in this day and age is rare. Old love withstands the test of time; it outweighs all obstacles, leaps tall buildings, and fights hard to remain solid. Couples worked out their problems and despite whatever differences of opinions they have, the love they share continues to grow strong. What happened to this type of love? Does this type of love even exist anymore?

We now have what I like to call “new age love” it’s conditional, has extremely high standards, and operates on the mentality that hey if it doesn’t work out, we can just get a divorce. Some of us spend so much time working on our list of expectations and standards that it’s damn near impossible to find anyone to meet them. We leave very little room for compromise and when and if we do find someone, we’re still not satisfied. At the first sign of trouble, we give up and fail to work on any shortcomings we may have. As I sit here thinking, I don’t think this qualifies as love.

When we engaged in a conversation with the couple that had been married for 51 years, I was amazed by what she said held their marriage together all of these years. The glue that held them together all of the 51 years was one simple word “fun”. She expressed that they married when she was 21 and that although they have their share of disagreements they loved to have fun together. I know that devotion, commitment, and communication plays apart in this to, but I also think that it’s easier to commit yourself, devote yourself and communicate with someone you can have fun with, who you can be yourself with, and someone who lets you blossom instead of fading into the background.

I sat and watched this couple and listened to every word they spoke. In fact, they had to be the cutest couple I‘ve seen in a long time. Watching them made me smile and gave me a glimpse of what true love really is. After all, I am love biggest fan, I stand on the sidelines cheering and routing for it with hopes that it finds everyone. I enjoyed spending time with them at the piano bar as we sipped cocktails and sung old Frank Sinatra songs. Yes, that old love is where it’s at!

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