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Okay...Maybe Cougar Town Didn't Jump The Shark

Posted on the 15 January 2014 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

Okay...Maybe Cougar Town Didn't Jump The Shark

The answer to Tuesday's Trivia Question: Steven Van Zandt, aka Little Steven played Silvio Dante on The Sopranos

FIRST FIVES: Megan Quirk, John Romeo, Gigi Crayon, Phyllis DiCesare & Andrew Walters

Honorable Mention: Beth Hoff

Sunday's Cable Top 5 Real Housewives of Atlanta-Bravo 1.9/4.1
FX Movie-FX 1.0/2.0
True Detective-HBO 1.0/2.3
Ax Men-History .9/2.6
Shameless-Showtime .9/1.6
For the record...Girls on HBO did a .6 with 1.1 million viewers
Monday's Broadcast Top 5 How I Met Your Mother-CBS 3.0/8.5
2 Broke Girls-CBS 2.7/8.9
The Blacklist-NBC 2.5/9.1
Mike & Molly-CBS 2.4/9.7
The Bachelor-ABC 2.2/7.8
Monday's Cable Top 5  WWE-USA 1.6/4.5
Love and Hip Hop-VH1 1.6/3.1
Single Ladies-USA 1.6/2.3
The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.1/2.1
Family Guy-TBS 1.0/1.9 Monday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings 
Teen Wolf-MTV 395,700 Tweets
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 192,200 Tweets 
The Bachelor-ABC 172,900 Tweets
The Fosters-ABC Family 202,800 Tweets
Love & Hip Hop-VH1 178,500 Tweets
True Detective
Still in catch up mode from the Golden Globes, first up last night was HBO's True Detective. Over 2 million people tuned in to see Harrelson and McConaghey Sunday night. I wasn't sure that this one would be for me right from the start. I never really watch detective shows or murder mysteries etc. I watched the entire premiere, and it was okay. As I thought, it's not for me. The murdered girl in the opening scene reminded me of that minotaur/meat chick from True Blood, season 2 I think. I tuned out of True Blood right after she appeared and I won't be going back to True Detective next Sunday. I figure it has to get worse from here with the murders and twists and I'm just not up for it at all. I hope you all enjoy, I won't be partying with you on this one. Acting's good, cast is good, stories just not at all anything I'm interested in. Sorry guys. 
The Goldbergs 
Didn't this episode bring you right back to those Friday nights at the video store? We had to stop and explain to our 12 year old how it all worked back then. The store card, reserving movies to insure you got the newest titles FIRST,  the late fees, the rewind charges, all of it. He couldn't believe it.  I've had my battles with the video store, just like Murray did. Funny, I looked back at it all quite fondly even though it's all so much easier now. But I looked back at everything from last nights episode fondly. Bev's shoulder pads, Eric Estrada, Duran Duran, Atari Pitfall and even that ridiculous movie Rhinestone. There were a couple of "Smothers" that I remember at Fort Lee High School too, none exactly like Bev though and luckily for me, my Mom wasn't one of them. Gotta say, I didn't picture Erica as a club nerd, and all of her schemes were pretty brilliant, especially the swim instructor scam. My sister pretended to have a job for 6 months and got away with it, so Erica faking her club participation was something I could see my sister doing too. I loved the hair and glasses. Ahhhh The Goldbergs. Goldbergs Trivia: Name the song played at the end, Adam Goldberg's real video store and the two movies that Murray and Adam never returned to it.
Next week is the last episode of this one. Pretty sure it's officially over after that. I had forgotten that it started out with Sarah getting shot and now we know why. Time seemed to have passed as Sarah was moving, Jack's trial was under way and the photography guy was more ingrained in Sarah and her life. So much so that he told Jack that Sarah didn't want to leave him but had to. Jack spilled all the beans non Karsten, so of course we thought his days were numbered and believed he was dead for a second when really he was just setting Karsten's guys up. So what do we want to happen when Sarah wakes up in next weeks episode? Drew or Jack? I'm still hoping she leaves town with Jack and they sail off together. Oliver's annoying and she can take pictures anywhere. Bummer this show was so awesome at the beginning and then sucked when real life set in, but I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed it. It's fine by me that it was just a one season deal. I guess in a way, it had to be.

Cougar Town
I'm taking my "Jumped the Shark" back for now. Last nights episode was so much fun. Jules went paperless and none of her bills were paid, including her car insurance. When she got into a car accident with Matthew Perry she needed to do what she could to not get sued. If that meant accepting his marriage proposal via a flash mob even though she was already married so be it. I'm sure it was coincidental that Florida was in a deep freeze and Bobby actually thought it would snow. Last nights episode had to be "in the can" before this Polar Vortex thing but it worked since we're all freezing these days. Ellie's detective work to try and prove that all of Laurie's crazy stories were lies was also pretty funny. Of course, any  Friends reunion is enjoyable to me, this one had to be one of my favorites though. Monica and Chandler and a flash mob marriage proposal. You could see Chandler doing that, if they had flash mobs back then. That'll get me to take back my "Jump the Shark" proclamation, check it out: http://www.tbs.com/video/index.jsp?cid=1163413 
You gotta see my FBFF and Bruce from last nights show...as always...Brilliant. Bruce actually sang my towns name Nice guns Bruce! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKHV0LLvhXM
Direct TV, and The Weather Channel are in a retransmission battle, so TWC's been pulled off the air for now. As a courtesy to those Direct TV readers who live in the NY/Tri-State area here's today's weather: sun and clouds, high of 49 degrees and a 20% chance of rain.
During yesterday's Television Critics Association conference we heard that the next season of Justified will be the last season of Justified. I've never watched Justified, but yes, Timothy Olyphant is hot and I'm sure I'll get to see him in something bigger and better pretty soon.
I'll remind you guys again in August, but for anyone who is a Simpsons fan or perhaps you've never seen one episode of it like me, all 530 episodes will be available come Auguest on FXNOW exclusively. New seasons will be uploaded as well. So you'll be able to watch every single episode of The Simpsons on the app on your mobile device of choice. (Mine would be my Ipad mini in my Go-Go pillow!)
Wednesday's Trivia Question: A Chandler and Monica reunion definitely gives me reason for a Friends trivia question: What was Rachel's sisters name and what Academy Award winning actress played her? 
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