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Okay, Let’s Figure out How to Do This

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Okay, so I need to figure out how to document what I’m eating, how I feel and things here on the blog. It’s feeling kinda impossible.

I guess I just need to dive on in…



This morning around 8am I had a medium blueberry vanilla creme coffee from 7eleven. I added a little normal sugar.

I felt good. No symptoms or pain.

I tried to upload all my pictures from this weekend to facebook and I was NOT successful. iPad to Facebook uploading is best left to the real computers…

This morning I also had a Bliss dark chocolate square, a (yes only 1) garlic triscuit… it was crazy strong, even for a garlic lover like me, and a lemonade vitamin water zero.



I kept it really uneventful with all “safe” foods.

I had iced tea with a sugar packet added. I also had baked lays because fried food can really aggravate IBS symptoms. Baked chips are just as good as the normal ones… maybe even better.


Sweet Liberty Sandwich from Erik’s Deli. Whole grain bread, sprouts, tomato, sweet mustard sauce, and turkey. I ate the dill pickle too.

My intestines felt a little sad after eating this… But nothing unbearable.


I had a protein shake!! 12 oz of unsweetened rice dream and 1 scoop vanilla Spiru-tein protein powder.



I lived a little dangerously and drank a can of caffeine free diet coke… I’m feeling good so far.


Things I know about IBS and myself so far…

1) artificial sweeteners should be avoided at all costs!!!
2) gum should be avoided no matter what
3) the combination of caffeine, carbonation, and fake sugar es no bueno!
4) fried foods not good
5) no dairy

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