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Oh What Tangled Webs We Weave

By Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

Oh What Tangled Webs We WeaveEveryone has told a lie.  We are all guilty of it. But why do we lie?  There are numerous reasons and excuses for telling a lie, but do we ever really take a moment to think of what the consequences will be once that lie is told? If we all stopped and thought about what would happen if you told this lie, maybe people would think twice about lying in general.

The Omission Lie

You don’t have to say anything to lie.  If you told your mother you were going to the store but after the store you went to the bar, you are ultimately lying by leaving out the truth.  Omitting the truth can cause problems.  Your mom thinks you are one place but you are at another.  If something happened to you, your mom would not really know where you were and would not be able to help.  Telling the whole truth can potentially save your life.

The Little White Lie

We have all told a little white lie at one point or another.  When someone asks “Does this Dress make me look fat?” you know you have told that little white lie to save their feelings.  When your boss asks you why you are late to work, that little white lie of “I hit major traffic due to an accident” has possibly saved your job.  Why tell these little white lies?  If the dress really does make the person “look” fat, then tell them and save them the embarrassment of walking around in public like that.  Tell your boss the truth as to why you were late and he actually might respect you more for not telling a white lie, that he can see right through anyway.  Instead of sugar-coating everything with a little white lie, try to be honest with them.  It could potentially save them a little heartache.

The Shallow Lie

This type of lie is worse than the little white lie, and can cause harm and pain to a lot of people.  A Shallow Lie is usually told due to selfishness and is used to make yourself look better or to make someone else look bad.  Lying on your resume or telling your boss you had an idea first when, in fact, you heard the idea from a coworker, are shallow lies to move yourself forward.  You might spread a rumor, another type of shallow lie, to hurt someone else’s reputation. No one really stops and thinks as to how these lies, even the ones you use to move yourself forward, can effect other people.  The lie you told your boss about the idea you got from your coworker basically costed your coworker the raise they desperately need.  The rumor you started can ruin that persons business and ultimately ruin their life.  Lying just to get ahead or to put someone down will only bring you down in the end.

The Malicious Lie

This is the worst type of lie you can tell.  This lie ultimately rips friends and families apart.  The Malicious Lie is used to ultimately hurt someone in the end.  I have been lied to and lied about my whole life, but I have only experienced this type of lie once…and I really don’t feel like sharing it.  What I can say though, is that it ripped my heart in 2 and I basically became a hermit.  I was crushed.  When people tell this type of lie, they know what they are doing.  They aren’t telling you this lie to save you from feeling bad…they are actually doing it to make you feel horrible….even if you don’t feel horrible at the time they lie to you.

When people lie to each other and about one another, what they do not realize is that there are always consequences, even though these consequences are not seen right away.  Karma always catches up, so you might as well come clean while you still can.

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