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Oh No, We're Not Dating, We're Just Seeing Each Other

By Evg Enko

Oh no, we're not dating, we're just seeing each other


Where do I begin with this one?..
Just so it makes more sense, allow me to explain that where I am coming from there are only 2 categories of a relationship: we're together or we're not. It's black and white like that.
Even if we went on just one movie date, I would be offended it you take another girl to watch the same or a different movie later this week. Heck, I'd be mad even if you take her out for a cup of coffee or tea!
I mean, it's not luck we're engaged and you belong to me, but at least have courage to pay me a respect of letting me know you're no longer interested or don't think it's going to work out. Don't just go hanging with other girls and tell me "I didn't promise you anything!"
This is how I see it. 99% of America, apparently, disagrees with me. Just the other week on the radio a host asked a question "How many people is it OK to date at once?" The majority of callers stated "Whatever number it takes to find the perfect one!"

I mean, are you for real? So that's not considered a promiscuous behavior to be giving a phone number, sharing a dinner, discuss personal and intimate details and being inches close from each with a few different people in just one week? If that's a norm, than feel free to call me a prude.
I am still in the process of understanding and putting as much sense as I can to each step of the "dating process" done the USA-way. And it ain't easy and clear (just like the bedding story), too many definitions of what people are to each other. If I attempt to break it down, it will look something like that, in case it all works out:
We meet -> We go out -> We see each other -> We are not exclusive -> We decide that we're dating -> We are exclusive -> We are still dating -> We are engaged -> We are married -> We are a family
The scenario above is just about perfect and doesn't happen too often, from what I see and hear. In those cases when it doesn't, there's a mess of other terms and categories that people place themselves under. Insert this whole list of "9 types of relationships before they become exclusive" right after "We're not exclusive" stage.
I am done with my ran for now. May Love and Exclusiveness be Always on your Side!

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