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Oh No It Didn’t! Is Science About to Prove Astrology is Right?

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

Yahoo reports that early research from Hungarian scientists may prove that the season you were born in affects your temperament as an adult.

Based on a study, people born in:

  • spring were “excessively positive;”
  • summer were “more likely to have mood swings;”
  • winter “tend to be less” irritable as adults; and
  • fall were “less likely” to be “depressive.”

Three Observations We Have From This Story

1. It really is like astrology, as they have something generically good to say about everyone. Well except you summer babies. Sorry.

2. Oh great, this study is likely to be disappointing to summer babies, and you just released it about a month after summer ended to make them even more emotional about this news. Thanks, science!

3. What happens when you tell people born in spring that they are excessively positive? Answer: they explain why that’s great news. In other words, there is no cure for excessively positive spring-birthers, so they are clearly compatible with winter birthers, who are less likely to be irritated with that result.

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